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Texas House District 99 Candidate Jack Reynolds Signs the Pledge: Prioritizing Texas Independence with TEXAS FIRST

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Army Veteran and Republican Jack Reynolds, who is a candidate for Texas House District 99, has signed the TNM’s TEXAS FIRST pledge promising to uphold the interests of Texas and Texans before any other entity. This commitment clearly indicates his alignment with TNM’s vision for an independent and thriving Texas.

Jack Reynolds’ story is one of remarkable resilience and dedication towards education and service. Born as the second youngest of five boys, Jack made history within his family by being the first to graduate high school. His journey of service began with his time in the military as an Army Infantry and a Desert Storm veteran. After receiving an honorable discharge twice from the military, Jack turned his attention toward education and transformed his life through perseverance and hard work.

Despite starting his higher education journey later in life, Jack emerged from the throes of the financial crisis in 2010, graduating cum laude at the age of 42. Over time, his commitment led him to earn a master’s degree in economics, and then a doctoral degree in educational leadership and policy studies. As a candidate for Texas House District 99, Jack brings a unique blend of personal experience, educational background, and a commitment to service that aligns with TNM’s objectives.

Jack Reynolds’ signature on the TEXAS FIRST pledge signifies his commitment to stand up for Texas’ independence. The pledge outlines how Texas representatives should prioritize Texans’ interests above everyone else’s, honor Texans’ constitutional rights, and work toward a fair and expedient separation of Texas from the federal government if a majority of Texans wish to reassert our status as an independent nation.

With his signature, Jack Reynolds commits to vote for legislation and resolutions that aim for a referendum on Texas’ status as an independent nation in every term he is elected until such a referendum is held. Jack’s adherence to the TEXAS FIRST pledge showcases his commitment to the people of Texas and their desire for a government that truly serves their needs.

We welcome Jack Reynolds’ show of solidarity to the TNM and admire his unwavering loyalty to Texas. We urge all advocates of Texan independence to pay attention to this movement and support candidates and politicians who bravely take the TEXAS FIRST pledge.

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