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Facing Constitutional Crisis, Chip Roy Echoes TEXIT Sentiments in Texas

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In a recent open letter, Representative Chip Roy has brought to the forefront a critical question that resonates deeply with Texans and like-minded Americans across the Union – Is it time for Texas to exit the federal union?

In a powerful and unyielding message, Rep. Roy has emphasized the urgency of addressing the federal government’s neglect of the well-being, safety, and security of its citizens. This neglect, as he rightly points out, is not merely a transient issue or political rhetoric but a profound constitutional crisis.

Notable in his letter is this quote:

My fellow Texans rightly ask whether Texas and similarly minded Americans should remain part of a federal government forsaking their well-being, safety, and security in violation of the compact under which we entered the union. This is not a passing concern or political hyperbole – but a constitutional crisis.”

For Texans, this crisis strikes at the very heart of our values and the compact under which we joined the Union. It raises a fundamental question that we, as Texans, must confront: Should we continue to be part of a federal system that appears to be forsaking our well-being and the principles of our union?

This question is not born out of a momentary frustration or a fleeting political dispute. It is a deep-seated concern rooted in a series of actions and inactions by the federal government that have repeatedly undermined the security and prosperity of Texas and its people. The continuous disregard for the core issues that affect our daily lives and the future of our state has led many to question the viability of our bond with the Union.

Rep. Roy’s push for his GOP colleagues to leverage funding to shut down what he perceives as governmental overreach is a significant step, highlighting the need for immediate and decisive action. It underscores the gravity of the situation and the dire need for a reevaluation of our role within the federal framework.

In this context, the Texas Nationalist Movement’s call for Texas independence, or “TEXIT,” gains even greater relevance. TEXIT is not merely a political movement; it is a response to a constitutional crisis that challenges the very essence of our state’s relationship with the federal government. It is a call to reclaim the rights, powers, and self-governance that seem to be eroding under the current federal system.

Texans are known for our resilience, fierce independence, and commitment to the principles of liberty and justice. These values compel us to examine the nature of our association with a federal government that appears to be drifting away from these foundational principles.

As we consider our future, the words of Rep. Roy echo in our minds, reminding us of our duty to protect and preserve the well-being, safety, and security of Texas and its people. This is not just a political stance; it is a constitutional imperative. The time has come for Texans to have a serious conversation about our place in the Union and whether our future lies as a part of it or as an independent nation, true to the ideals that have always defined us.

In the spirit of Texas’ storied history and our enduring commitment to freedom, we must deliberate on this constitutional crisis with the seriousness it deserves. The path forward may be fraught with challenges, but as Texans, we have always risen to the occasion, guided by our unwavering spirit and the unshakable belief in our right to self-determination.

As we contemplate our future, let us do so with the wisdom, courage, and foresight that have always been the hallmarks of Texas and its people. The decision we make today will shape the destiny of our great state for generations to come.


  1. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of our country!” We’ve worked very hard for a very long time to get TEXIT placed on the ballot for legally registered citizens to legally vote on. Now where do we go from here?

  2. Instead of outright “BS,” I’ll politely categorize Mr. Roy’s statements as “venting frustration.”
    If Mr. Roy really believes what he says, he would immediately resign from the terrorist DC Regime and move back to Texas to work for TEXIT.
    Until he does so, any future, similar comments by him are as useless as farting into the wind.

  3. Everyone must now chart their course and decision time is now ! Weigh your conscience with guiding experiences you have had, some wisdom, and get an accountability partner, or ground yourself in the
    B.I.B.L.E. if this also guides you with truth, reflecting on what our origins as a nation , when it was born , and the sacrifice of those who went before us, to give us those rights and a usa constitution and a Texas constitution.
    Should we not speak now or stand up now we shall forever go into a 1,000 years of darkness . Seven Cycles of A Nation that falls like Roman Empire . I have seen my past, my present is before me, I want my future posterity
    have a chance at the freedoms and independence I grew up under. ( ps; acronym= basic instruction before leaving earth = hence b I b l e . ) Now the Seven Cycles To The Decline Of An Empire. : ( source Tsarfarti )
    1: Age Of Pioneers.
    2. The Age of the Conquests.
    3. The Age Of Commerce.
    4. The Age Of Affluence ( prosperity, and economic gain ).
    5. The Age Of Intellect.
    6. The Age Of Decadence aka ( degeneration and moral decline )
    7. The Age Of Decline and Collapse

    As for me and my household I will help whatever way I can, with whatever means I have . My Duty and My Responsibility. It is a “” Joy “” NOT a Burden . Thankful for the fact I am alive in this time and season, even though we go through some bumps and bad days .
    Be like a Bison In A Winter Storm – – – – keep foraging and pushing forward. My Two Cents Folks , Thanks For Allowing Me To Comment. Have a great day everyone, I appreciate all of you , especially our fabulous leadership team, they deserve a big huge kudos and pat on the back ….. Jan 16 2024

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