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NH Legislator Pitches Alliance With Texas If State Secedes

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On Wednesday, New Hampshire House Representative Jason Gerhard extended an invitation of alliance to Texas should New Hampshire secede from the Union.


“Freedom is not an abstract notion; it is a way of life, and the federal government continues to overlook the freedoms of both Texas and New Hampshire,” stated Rep. Gerhard. “We believe that the shared principles, desires, and plights of Texans and Granite Staters highlight the importance of maintaining a relationship with one another. As New Hampshire makes its efforts to secure independence, it promises to strengthen the voices of both regions. Together, both states can uphold the principle of freedom and autonomy.”

This invitation follows the announcement of CACR 20 and House Bill 1130, two groundbreaking independence bills scheduled to meet the New Hampshire House floor for a full legislative vote. 

Sponsored by State Representative Jason Gerhard (R – Merrimack 25), CACR 20 proposes an amendment following Article 7 of the New Hampshire Constitution, declaring that the state will peacefully declare independence from the United States should the national debt reach a staggering $40 trillion. 

Sponsored by State Representative Matthew Santonastaso (R – Cheshire 18), HB1130 will force the creation of an Independence Study Committee in New Hampshire. Comprised of members from both the House and Senate and experts in economics, law, and governance, the committee will study the economic, legal, and sociological aspects of New Hampshire exerting its sovereign state rights should it contemplate independence. Their research findings will then be brought forward to the state legislature for further deliberation. 

Should both bills successfully pass, they would jointly pioneer the conversation on New Hampshire’s independence. 

“Texas is faced with an immediate crisis – an invasion at our southern border that the federal government is choosing to blatantly ignore. This crisis directly affects the lives of Texans right here and now, prompting our independence debate even more. So much so that the question at hand is not if Texas will achieve independence, but when,” exclaimed TNM President Daniel Miller. “When the time comes, Texans everywhere should be delighted to have a state like New Hampshire on its side. “Truth be told, Texas and New Hampshire are living under the same collapsing roof provided by the federal government, and it’s time both states assert their rights and build a government that adheres to the needs of the people. 

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