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Why the EU’s Free Speech Crackdown Must Accelerate Our Push for TEXIT

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The recent debacle in Brussels, where the National Conservatism Conference was brazenly suppressed, starkly mirrors the overreach Texans must vigilantly guard against. This episode involved local socialist leaders in Belgium exploiting “public safety” claims to stifle conservative discourse, planning to squelch influential conservative voices like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and UK politician Nigel Farage from presenting at the event. Such authoritarian measures underline a disturbing and accelerating trend towards muzzling free speech across Europe—precisely the types of policies Texas must resist.

Notably, Belgium’s supreme administrative court ultimately negated the attempt to shut down NatCon. Their judgment affirmed that the conference did not pose a substantial threat, highlighting the misuse of power by public officials to silence opposition based on potential backlash rather than any legal grounding. However, this intervention by the court provides scant reassurance as authoritarian impulses continue to permeate European governance.

Europe’s recent efforts, such as Scotland’s “Hate Crime and Public Order Act,” which extends to broadly regulating speech under the guise of curbing hate speech, further reflect a continent-wide erosion of foundational freedoms. The European Commission’s campaigns to criminalize “hate speech” and marginalize conservative perspectives within the European Parliament expose a systematic crackdown against dissenting viewpoints.

Moreover, the Digital Services Act (DSA) that the EU recently enacted imposes rigorous content moderation burdens on tech companies, showcasing an aggressive stride toward censorship—an anathema to our Texan values of liberty and free enterprise. This regulatory onslaught stifles speech and threatens to undermine technological and communicative development, a sector where Texas continues to innovate and lead.

The trajectory in Europe is a critical warning that the values enshrined in our Texas Constitution are under threat here as these policies worm their way into the official policies of the U.S. Federal government. As Texas contemplates its future as a standalone nation, the need to staunchly uphold and protect our inherent rights—including the indispensable right to free speech—becomes all the more pivotal.

In contrast to Europe and the trajectory of the federal government, Texas champions the unfettered exchange of ideas and robust political discourse, core components of a vibrant and resilient society. As the push for Texas independence gains momentum, these recent encroachments on freedom of expression abroad validate our resolve to maintain and defend our liberties from federal overreach and international influence.

Texas must lead by example, showing the world that freedom of speech is not an outdated luxury but a perpetual necessity. In pursuing this path, we secure our heritage and fortify our future as a beacon of freedom and a testament to the enduring spirit of independent governance. Let the errors of Europe reinforce our cause for TEXIT, ensuring that Texas remains a stronghold where freedom can thrive unimpeded.

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