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The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) connects you to an audience of the most passionate, engaged, and action-oriented supporters in the Lone Star State. We call our core audience "TEXIT Champions." These are not just Texans but individuals across the nation who resonate with the values, interests, and aspirations of Texas independence.

They are the driving force behind the TEXIT movement, and they are ready to align with brands that share their vision. The TEXIT Champions represent a significant portion of the Texas population and beyond, but more importantly, they are highly responsive and committed to causes they believe in. They come to the TNM News Website and Email Newsletter for authentic news, insightful articles, and a community that reflects their values. They trust us, and by extension, they'll trust you.

How You Connect

As a sponsor, you can tap into TNM's powerful platforms:

TNM News Website

Our News articles average 75,000 - 100,000 page views per month, offering various ad placements including banners and sidebar blocks.

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Our subscribers rely on our email updates for the latest news, events, and initiatives related to Texas independence.

For sponsors, our targeted demographic of TEXIT Champions is one of the most attractive and responsive audiences in the marketplace. They are not just numbers; they are a community waiting to hear from brands that stand by their values.