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Revealed: Over $12 Billion in Foreign Funding Flows to U.S. Universities, Threatening Texan Sovereignty and Educational Integrity

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The integrity of higher education in the United States is under threat, betrayed by the unsettling influence of foreign money, a reality we Texans, and indeed all Americans who cherish our sovereignty, must confront with open eyes and steadfast resolve. Recent findings have illuminated a disturbing trend where U.S. universities have amassed over $12 billion in funds from foreign governments since 2012. As Texans who stand firm on the principles of independence and self-governance, the notion that external forces, especially those with questionable human rights records or outright antagonistic intentions toward Western values, are molding the minds of our future leaders is unacceptable.

Our universities should be bastions of free thought and learning, where ideas can be discussed openly without foreign censorship or influence shaping the narrative. However, it has come to light that these schools, including our own Texas A&M University, have failed transparency by not fully disclosing the hundreds of millions in funding received from foreign entities such as Qatar. This lack of disclosure raises significant concerns about the influence and stipulations attached to these generous donations, which, as shown in the past, often align more with the donors’ agendas rather than the values of academic freedom and independence.

The Clarion Project’s documentary “Covert Cash” reveals how deep and intricate these ties are, with nations like China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar leading the pack in strategically inserting their interests into our educational institutions. For instance, the Confucius Institutes, funded by the Chinese government, are particularly troubling examples of how foreign influence is embedded directly in our educational structures, reaching even into K-12 education through programs that shape curriculum to fit foreign propaganda rather than unbiased learning.

The presence of foreign money in our universities is not just a breach of trust but a direct challenge to our Texan and American values. The case of Texas A&M, where a legal battle ensued just to uncover the nature of foreign contracts, illustrates the daunting barriers to transparency in higher educational finance. This veiling of information is a disservice to every Texan parent, student, and taxpayer who remains in the dark about who is shaping the education provided to our children and young adults.

It begs the question: If our institutions have become so dependent on foreign funding that they compromise on transparency, what does this say about their loyalty to the Texan public? As the Texas Nationalist Movement advocates for a free and independent Texas, these revelations serve as a clarion call to inspect and realign our educational institutions with the ideals of transparency, accountability, and Texas sovereignty.

Let this also remind us of the urgent need for our pursuit of TEXIT. The undue influence we see from foreign powers in our education system is a symptom of broader federal failings and a compelling argument for reclaiming control over our governance and resources. Only through the realization of full state sovereignty can we ensure that the educational foundations we lay for future generations truly reflect Texas values and priorities, unswayed by foreign governments or their hidden agendas.

Therefore, as we consider the future of Texas, let us resolve to uphold the sanctity of our educational institutions, making them fortresses of true learning and free thought, unpenetrated by the undue influence of those who do not share our interests or values. The battle for our culture and heritage is waged not only on physical grounds but within the minds and hearts of our youth. Texans must stand vigilant and assertive in guarding against any force that seeks to diminish our state’s hard-won sovereignty and influence the minds of our future leaders under the guise of generosity.

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