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Bidenomics Fallout: Texas Small Businesses Buckle Under Inflation, Fueling TEXIT Considerations

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The Biden administration, often criticized for its economic policies, has left an indelible mark on small business owners, particularly those in the restaurant industry, struggling amidst rampant inflation and increasingly untenable business conditions.

The term “Bidenomics” reflects the detrimental fiscal strategies that extend from the White House and resonate across the nation, directly impacting Texans and our local businesses. The massive and unchecked federal spending has exacerbated inflationary pressures, recklessly burdening our entrepreneurs with soaring operational costs.

Furthermore, this issue is compounded by policies transpiring in states like California, which have aggressively raised the minimum wage for fast-food workers. This not only impacts California but sets a precedent that could influence policy discussions nationally, potentially leading to harmful economic implications in Texas. Such decisions tend to disproportionately affect small business models, pushing many towards a brink where sustaining operations becomes increasingly challenging.

The federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including total economic shutdowns and loan ‘support’ systems, which businesses are now struggling to repay, has also shifted consumer habits. More families are cooking at home, reducing the frequency of dining out, which traditionally formed a substantial portion of restaurant revenues.

These overarching national policy failures underscore the urgency and necessity for Texas to assess its future as part of the United States. If the federal administration continues to implement policies without regard to their long-term impact on states’ economies, the rationale for Texas to rethink its place in the union becomes strikingly vivid.

TEXIT, therefore, emerges not merely as a potential political stance but as a pragmatic approach to preserving the economic stability and future prosperity of Texas. In reclaiming sovereign control over our economic and administrative governance, Texas can ensure that the reckless economic management and spendthrift policies under current federal oversight do not destabilize our local economic foundations.

Our restaurateurs, small business owners, and workers deserve a government that addresses their issues with sensible economic plans, not one that burdens them with inflated policies that spell disaster for their livelihoods. As Texans, it’s high time we consider the direct control we could regain through TEXIT, ensuring our economic policies are sensible, localized, and, most importantly, beneficial to the people of Texas.

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