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Texas First Pledge Signers Win Primaries, Advance To General Election

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Tuesday night was a historic evening for the Texas Nationalist Movement as many of the Texas First Pledge signers were victorious in their elections despite strident opposition from the establishment and the mainstream media. 

A large number of candidates who signed the Texas First Pledge will move on to the General Election or face run-offs. 

“We are beyond proud of the candidates who won their elections tonight while putting Texas FIRST,” says TNM President Daniel Miller. “These men and women are Texians who are refusing to cower or back down to outside pressure from dark money establishment groups, and they are dominating the elections as a result.”

This unprecedented success comes just after The Dallas Morning News released a hit piece attempting to delegitimize these candidates and the TNM. The piece told voters to “beware” of the “worrying number of candidates” who have signed our pledge and went so far as to call it “unpatriotic.” The piece was full of pearl-clutching and was based on a deep misunderstanding of the beliefs around Texas First, frankly showing how out of touch the editorial board is with Texans.

Several candidates faced aggressive campaigns against them. Notably, incumbent State Representative Glenn Rogers criticized Mike Olcott for endorsing TNM President Daniel Miller in his 2022 Lt. Governor campaign and for backing a referendum on Texas’ independence. Additionally, numerous establishment Political Action Committees launched an extensive series of mailings criticizing their support for the pledge. Yet, the news coming out of Super Tuesday speaks for itself. All of those candidates who were directly attacked over signing the pledge won their race or are now headed into a runoff.

“The Dallas Morning News and other insane tactics tried to stop Texas First Pledge signers from winning their elections, and they failed,” Miller said. “It just shows how out of touch their editorial board is. Truly, no one cares about their opinion according to today’s election results.” 

With the results from this morning carrying on into today, support for a vote on TEXIT could be stronger in Austin than ever before. 

 “It’s an absolutely electric feeling. Texans want Texas First,” stated Miller.

These Texians have won their primaries and have advanced to the general election:

  • Joseph L. Trahan, State Senator, Senate District 15
  • Michael Stevens, State Board of Education District 1
  • Steve Toth, State Representative, House District 15
  • Janis Holt, State Representative, House District 18
  • Wesley Virdell, State Representative, House District 53
  • Shelley Luther, State Representative, House District 62
  • Mitch Little, State Representative, House District 65
  • Ben Mostyn, State Representative, House District 117
  • Fred Brown, County Commissioner, Brazos County
  • William Zagorski Sr., County Commissioner, San Patricio County
  • Christina Drewry, County Commissioner, Smith County
  • Nathan Buchanan, Sheriff, Bexar County

The following candidates are in run-off elections:

  • David Covey, State Representative, House District 21
  • Andy Hopper, State Senator, House District 64
  • Summara Kanwal, State Representative, House District 76
  • Lea Simmons, State Representative, House District 76
  • David Lowe, State Representative, House District 91
  • Mary Bone, State Board Of Education, District 10
  • John Rutherford, Constable, Atascosa County
  • Bull Guthrie, County Commissioner, Llano County

These Texians have won their races: 

  • Allen West, County Chair, Dallas County
  • Gwen Withrow, County Chair, Montgomery County
  • Tammy Blackwell, Precinct Chair, Walker County
  • Mike Montes, Precinct Chair, Denton County
  • Ron Smith, Precinct Chair, Walker County
  • Joe Sager, Precinct Chair, Montgomery County
  • Timothy Curtiss, Precinct Chair, Denton County
  • Joy Roberts, Precinct Chair, Grayson County


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