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Two New Hampshire Secession Bills To Be Heard In NH House On January 12th 

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The New Hampshire Independence Political Action Committee is thrilled to announce the hearing of two groundbreaking independence bills in the New Hampshire House. Scheduled for January 12, 2024, the legislative hearing will cover CACR 20 and House Bill 1130, which are two bills centered on advancing dialogue on New Hampshire independence.

Sponsored by State Representative Jason Gerhard (R – Merrimack 25), CACR 20, proposes an amendment following Article 7 of the New Hampshire Constitution, declaring that the state will peacefully declare independence from the United States should the national debt reach a staggering $40 trillion. 

Matt Sabourin dit Choinière, the chairman of the New Hampshire Independence Political Action Committee, commented on the CACR20 saying, “The people of New Hampshire deserve to have a government that does not spend away the future of their state. This bill allows the federal government to understand the direness of the federal debt and the implications it can have on its union.”

HB1130, sponsored by State Representative Matthew Santonastaso (R – Cheshire 18), will force the creation of an Independence Study Committee in the Granite State. As outlined in the bill, the committee aims to study the economic, legal, and sociological aspects of New Hampshire exerting its sovereign state rights should it contemplate independence. If the legislation passes, the committee would be comprised of members from both the House and Senate and experts in economics, law, and governance. The findings of their research will then be brought forward to the state legislature for further deliberation.

Carla Gericke, President Emeritus of New Hampshire’s Free State Project, feels strongly about the presenting bills and enthusiastically states, “Our current economic path is not only leading us toward additional debt but, as a nation, we are stampeding toward complete ignorance of fundamental American principles. At this rate, National Divorce is inevitable, and the state of New Hampshire needs to be prepared through thorough, rational, and thoughtful discussion. It is imperative that our government officials work to guarantee the protection of rights and basic necessities of their constituents.”

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