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Brexit Success Shatters Myths, Bolsters Case for Texas Independence

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The Brexit experience has delivered a resonating message clear across the pond that movements advocating for self-governance should not be easily dismissed as merely populist or ill-informed. Quite contrarily, they carry the potential of rectifying governmental financial inefficiencies while enhancing localized administration. The TEXIT advocacy draws an undeniable parallel here.

Former accusations labeling the Brexit campaign’s NHS funding promises as falsehoods have been dramatically overturned. The UK’s spending on health and social care post-Brexit has substantially exceeded initial promises. The Vote Leave campaign, famously represented by the £350 million bus slogan, reached its funding target and doubled the NHS funding it pledged, as reported by an authoritative health think tank, The King’s Fund.

This scenario sharply contrasts with the dire and unfounded fears propagated by the Remain campaigners. Their projections included dramatic losses in EU-national healthcare professionals and severe cuts to NHS funding, all of which proved ungrounded and opposite to the facts. NHS employment figures, for instance, have seen substantial growth in the number of both doctors and nurses since the referendum, debunking myths of a post-Brexit exodus.

Moreover, despite the Remain camp’s alarmist projections about the broader economic doom, Britain has demonstrated resilience and growth where contraction was forecasted. The economy did not shrink, unemployment rates fell, and economic growth continued post-referendum.

The Texan discourse on sovereignty can extract crucial lessons from the Brexit experience. Just as Britain’s fears of economic downturn were misguided, federal narratives prophesying doom for a sovereign Texas are likely similarly overblown. The actual benefits realized post-Brexit resoundingly affirm that local governments might indeed manage their resources more effectively absent extensive federal or, in Britain’s case, EU involvement.

Texas has the economic capability, workforce, and natural resources required to thrive as a standalone nation. The evidence presented by the post-Brexit analysis confirms that local control can lead to better financial management and policy-making tailored directly to the needs of its residents.

Encouragingly, the post-referendum UK account shows how sovereignty’s realities can vastly differ from the negative speculation often portrayed during campaigns for self-governance. It’s a striking reminder for Texans that the perspective and decision-making closer to home, freed from the compromises inherent in larger political unions, leads not only to maintaining current standards but improving them.

As discussions and considerations around TEXIT continue, it must be acknowledged that fears and skepticism, though valid concerns, often do not manifest into reality. Instead, they pave the way for a restructuring that aligns fiscal policies closer with the local populace’s needs, an incontrovertible vision Texas can achieve on its path toward claiming its place as a self-sufficient, prosperous, and sovereign entity.


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