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Empower TEXIT with Every Primary Vote

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As the Texas primary election season nears, it’s crucial for voters to recognize their role in selecting the candidates for November’s general election. Regrettably, a significant number of Texans often overlook this vital duty. The Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to ensuring voters are well-informed and actively involved in the primary elections.

Historically, less than 20% of registered Texas voters participate in primary elections, with the average voter turnout from 2000 to 2020 being only 18.49%. Even during Presidential election years, where turnout is slightly higher, it still falls short of half the average turnout in general elections.

This trend raises questions. Why do so many choose not to vote in primaries? According to Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies, there are multiple reasons: many see primary voting as less important, more inconvenient, and feel less societal pressure to participate. Additionally, there’s a tendency to leave decision-making to those more invested in the political process.

This widespread voter apathy, while concerning, presents a unique opportunity for dedicated Texit supporters. With lower voter turnout, each vote carries more significance, potentially swaying election outcomes. This is a prime moment for those advocating for Texas independence to exert influence in Texas elections.

To guide supporters in primary elections, the Texas Nationalist Movement offers the Texas First Pledge, accessible at TakeTexasBack.com. The pledge asks candidates to commit to prioritizing Texas and Texans’ interests, including supporting legislation for a vote on Texas independence. A growing number of candidates have signed this pledge, transparently aligning themselves with the cause of Texas independence.

Support for these candidates shouldn’t be confined to voting alone. Texit supporters are encouraged to actively participate in campaigns, volunteer, and donate when possible. It’s also vital to support candidates who may not represent your district but align with the goal of Texas independence. Such support can include campaigning and financial contributions.

Stay informed about candidates who have signed the pledge through TNM’s various media channels. Engage with them, show appreciation for their commitment, and spread the word among your network, especially those in the candidates’ districts. If your local candidate hasn’t signed the pledge, reach out and discuss its significance. Encourage others to do the same, leveraging our collective influence in these crucial early stages.

We often regret remaining silent on important issues. Now is the time to voice our support for candidates who resolutely stand with us in the pursuit of Texas independence. Remember, our political power is most effective when actively wielded.

A majority in the Texas Legislature supporting the Texas Independence Referendum legislation is vital for a state-wide, binding referendum on Texit. Your vote in the primary is a critical step towards achieving this. Don’t succumb to apathy; your active participation in the primaries can significantly impact the success of our cause.

Many voters will defer to those more engaged in the electoral process – that’s you! Use this opportunity to influence the choice of candidates. Encourage fellow Texit supporters to visit TakeTexasBack.com, understand their voting options, and create a supportive environment for others to participate in the primaries. By uniting our efforts and utilizing our constitutional political power, we can make significant strides toward realizing Texas independence.

Let’s mobilize and achieve victory for Texit!


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