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Stormy Bradley: A Texas First Pledge Signer Running for House District 72

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Stormy Bradley, a sixth-generation Texan, has announced her candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives in District 72. As a signer of the Texas First Pledge, Bradley demonstrates her commitment to the principles of Texas independence and self-governance. Her background as a successful business owner and a mother of two brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience and community involvement to her campaign.

A Business Leader with a Heart for Texas

Owning multiple Texas-based businesses, including Bulldog Steel in Big Spring, Bradley showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to local employment. Her business acumen is evident in her understanding of job creation, economic growth, and the importance of minimal government intervention and low taxes.

Community Involvement and Educational Advocacy

Bradley’s commitment to her community extends beyond business. As an elected board member for the Coahoma Independent School District, she has been a strong advocate against anti-American propaganda and critical race theory in schools. Her leadership role in the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees further demonstrates her dedication to improving the local economy.

Honors and Recognition

Bradley’s service to the Permian Basin has earned her the Russ McEwen Community Hero Award in 2021 and a commendation from Senator Ted Cruz for her significant contributions to the community.

A Platform Built on Texas Values

As a Texas First Pledge signer, Bradley’s campaign is firmly rooted in the core values of Texas. She is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment, a pro-life advocate, and a supporter of law enforcement. Her commitment to securing the Texas border and her stance against radical leftist ideologies underscore her dedication to preserving Texas’s sovereignty and freedoms.

Personal Life and Family Values

Residing in Big Spring with her husband Tyler and their two young sons, Bradley’s life reflects the family values and community spirit that are integral to her campaign. Her personal and professional journey embodies the spirit of Texas – resilient, independent, and forward-looking.

Stormy Bradley‘s candidacy for the Texas House in District 72 represents a fusion of business leadership, community service, and a deep commitment to the values that define Texas. As the race for House District 72 progresses, her platform stands as a beacon for those who believe in a prosperous, independent, and strong Texas.

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