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TNM Rolls Out Major Upgrades To TNM Social Organizing Platform

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The Texas Nationalist Movement is excited to announce a series of upgrades to TNM Social, our dedicated platform for organizing, connecting, and empowering TEXIT supporters. These enhancements are designed with one goal in mind: to make it easier than ever for supporters of Texas independence to find each other, share resources, and coordinate efforts toward our common goal.

Focused Local Groups for Targeted Organizing

Understanding the importance of localized action, we’ve introduced new groups for TNM supporters in every county, Senate District, and House District in Texas, as well as for each state across the United States. This structure ensures that your interactions and organizing efforts are as relevant and impactful as possible, directly connecting you with fellow supporters in your area. If you’re not assigned to your local and regional groups, be sure to update your address in your profile.

Specialized Interest Groups: Find Your Niche

In addition to location-based groups, TNM Social now hosts a variety of interest groups. Whether you’re a veteran, a homeschooling parent, a tech enthusiast, or a business owner who supports TEXIT, there’s a community for you. These groups provide a platform for sharing specific interests, concerns, and ideas, all within the context of Texas independence.

Political Affiliation Groups: A Place for Every Perspective

Recognizing the diverse political backgrounds of our movement’s supporters, we’ve established groups for major political affiliations and independent voters. These spaces are designed to foster discussions on how each political perspective contributes to our shared goal of Texas independence.

Join and Contribute

Becoming active in these new groups is straightforward. Complete your TNM Social profile, indicate your location, political affiliation, and interests, and you’ll be directed to groups that match your profile. This personalized approach helps you quickly find the communities most relevant to your interests and local organizing efforts.

Our Collective Mission

The expansion of TNM Social is a strategic enhancement of our organizing capabilities. By providing more focused and diversified groups, we’re enabling our supporters to engage in more meaningful discussions, plan more effective actions, and build stronger connections with like-minded Texans.

Now is the time to log in to TNM Social, explore the new features, and engage with your communities. Your participation is crucial. Every discussion you join, every event you participate in, and every connection you make brings us one step closer to achieving Texas independence.

Together, we’re not just a movement; we’re a community of passionate Texans ready to make history. Join us on TNM Social and be a part of organizing for TEXIT.

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