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U.S. House Reauthorizes FISA; Texas Nationalist Movement Cites Invasion of Privacy and Calls for TEXIT

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In the latest display of governmental overreach, the US House of Representatives has opted to reauthorize the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), particularly the notorious Section 702. This decision comes as a significant setback for the privacy of Texas citizens. It underscores the urgent necessity for Texas to reassess its ties with a federal government so willing to infringe upon the constitutional rights of its citizens.

Despite minor amendments intended to slightly curtail its scope, the renewal of FISA permits the continued warrantless surveillance of Americans—something that alarmingly occurs under the guise of targeting foreign threats. These actions starkly illustrate the ongoing neglect of the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens, a core issue that the Texas Nationalist Movement firmly opposes as we advocate for the protection and respect of Texan citizens’ rights through TEXIT.

The bill to renew FISA passed with a 273-147 vote after reducing the extension period from five to just two years in a shallow attempt to placate opposition. This strategic change, however, did little to address the core issues of Section 702—the heart of the controversy—leaving it untouched and perpetuating the government’s ability to misuse power.

Moreover, the failure to pass an amendment requiring a warrant to view information collected on Americans through Section 702 not only highlights the division within the Republican ranks but also raises concerns about the erosion of constitutional safeguards against unwarranted search and seizure. Such discord and the resultant decision reflect a dangerous compromise on core constitutional values by those elected to protect them.

Revelations, such as the FBI’s misuse of surveillance data for what some lawmakers have decried as “political persecution,” only add fuel to the fire. With nearly 300,000 unauthorized uses of information, including surveillance of political protesters from diverse backgrounds, the threat this poses to freedoms of speech and assembly is palpable and alarming.

This recent development in Washington is a clarion call for Texas. These continued infringements on individual liberties by the federal government reaffirm the imperative of TEXIT. As Texans, it is crucial to question whether remaining under the governance of entities that repeatedly overstep their bounds and endanger our liberties is in our best interest.

This strengthens the TNM’s resolve to champion Texas’ sovereignty and its people’s rights. It is a powerful reminder of the need for self-governance and underlines the urgency of our mission to secure a free and independent Texas. TEXIT offers a path to assert our values and reject unwarranted surveillance and federal overreach. Let us stand together to uphold the rights and freedoms so dearly held by all Texans.


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