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Texas Nationalists Push for TEXIT Amid Federal Failures in Immigration Enforcement and Border Security

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Recent discussions and findings surrounding the federal handling of immigration enforcement reveal stark neglect and mismanagement by the Biden administration. This was particularly highlighted during a recent hearing with Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. This hearing underscores the pressing need for more prudent management of immigration enforcement and supports the argument for Texas’s sovereignty.

House Republicans have pointed out significant inconsistencies in Mayorkas’s statements versus actual practices regarding the detention of illegal immigrants. Despite having available detention facilities, the administration has continued a lax approach that sees thousands of illegal immigrants released across the nation instead of being detained as warranted by federal law. For example, in fiscal 2022 alone, there were approximately 9,000 available detention beds each day that were not utilized.

This lax enforcement has severe implications for local communities and resources, underscoring the necessity for Texas to reassess its ties with a federal system that consistently neglects its duties. The sense of accountability expected from such a significant federal agency is lacking, as shown by DHS’s acknowledgment that it cannot detain every individual crossing illegally. This failure is evident in their proposal for the 2025 fiscal year, further decreasing the requested ICE detention beds from previous years despite the rise in illegal crossings.

Recently released government data from both ICE and the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse underline a disturbing trend: a significant number of illegal immigrants are released into society with minimal oversight. As of now, while only a minor fraction is tracked through ICE’s Alternatives to Detention program, millions remain in the community without adequate federal tracking or control.

These failings by the federal administration not only undermine the rule of law but also display a clear absence of logistical forethought, threatening the safety and welfare of Texans. These continuous oversights and mismanagements further justify Texas’s reevaluating its dependence on federal governance, which repeatedly fails to uphold its basic duties to protect and manage the nation’s borders effectively.

As Texas bears a disproportionate burden from these federal failures, the case for TEXIT grows stronger, advocating for governance that aligns directly with Texans’ safety and prosperity. The enduring challenges at the border only crystallize the urgent need for self-determination and the pursuit of policies that protect Texas’s interests first and foremost.

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