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Senate Shields Mayorkas, Ignoring Texas Border Crisis

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In yet another display of the federal government’s disregard for the security and sovereignty of Texas, the U.S. Senate Democrats have shielded Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas from accountability, following his impeachment by the House. The impeachment addressed Mayorkas’ evident breach of duty in managing the escalating border crisis, a situation that has directly impacted Texas more than any other state due to our geographical location.

President Biden’s administration continues to enforce policies that effectively keep our borders open, inviting nearly 10 million illegal crossings since his inauguration. This includes the troubling figure of 1.7 million undocumented immigrants who have evaded apprehension — a direct threat to the safety and order of Texan communities.

The federal administration’s current “catch and release” policy is a gross mismanagement of immigration laws. Under this policy, illegal migrants are released within our communities and promised a court date that could be years away, if scheduled at all. This mismanagement has propelled immigration to the forefront of issues that concern our citizens, surpassing even the economy in terms of voter priority. Yet, the Biden administration shows no signs of meaningful reform, opting instead for superficial measures that do nothing to secure our state against the influx of illegal crossings.

The federal government’s actions underscore the urgent need for Texas to take control of its future. As long as our fate is tied to federal policies that do not align with the safety and well-being of Texans, our state remains at risk. The security of Texas and preserving our values are not priorities for the federal government.

The situation reinforces the necessity of TEXIT — an initiative to reclaim the rights of Texans to govern our land according to our principles and needs without interference. Only through TEXIT can we ensure the implementation of policies that serve the interests of Texans, safeguarding our borders, our economy, and our way of life against federal neglect and mismanagement. It is time for Texans to stand together and advocate for a future where our state is governed by the people of Texas, for Texas.

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