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Congressman Chip Roy’s Explosive Warning About TEXIT Amid Border Crisis



In an impassioned and bold clip, Congressman Chip Roy clearly voices his frustration and dissatisfaction with the continuing crisis concerning the border. His fervent plea serves to magnify and underscore the sheer urgency for Texas to assert its rights and loudly voice its need for independence.

Roy firmly articulates, “At some point, Texas is gonna say, screw it enough. We’re gonna do whatever the hell we want to do.” These bold and courageous words resonate profoundly with many Texans who are growing increasingly weary and frustrated at the seeming dismissal and disregard from the federal government.

If, like Congressman Roy, you firmly believe that it should be Texans deciding their own future, we invite you to join our fight for TEXIT. Make your voice heard and join our cause in showing your support for Texas to forge its own path forward.

We have created a petition at texitpetition.com, with an aim to gather as many signatures as possible. Our goal is to bring the vote on TEXIT to the fore in March 2024. This is your chance to participate and play an active role in shaping the future of our magnificent state, Texas.

Join hands with us, unite in our cause, and let’s collectively direct and shape our beloved Texas towards a future of our own making. Believe in Texan resolution, like Congressman Chip Roy, and let’s make a stand for TEXIT.

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