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The will of the people matters most, which is why TEXIT needs to happen through a referendum.



“The path to Texas’ independence has been a long and arduous one. Many brave men and women have dedicated their lives for the sake of our beloved state’s autonomy. This Youtube video passionately bespeaks the journey we’ve embarked on in our pursuit for a free and independent Texas.

The video explores from a historical perspective how Texas has fought for its sovereignty, highlighting the major events that have underscored our patriotism. It tells the story of our ancestors who fought bravely for our liberty and passed down their hope for an independent Texas to subsequent generations. The sacrifices of these heroes are remembered and revered in the video.

Additionally, the subject of Texas’ economic viability is analyzed. The video delves into the impressive Texan economy, one that outperforms many independent nations. Viewers are taken through a meticulous investigation of the various sectors such as energy, agriculture and technology that support the Texas economy and could potentially sustain a self-governing Texas.

Moreover, the video scrutinizes issues related to governance – walking us through the hypothetical political structure of an independent Texas, initially modeled after the U.S. federal system. The comprehensive discussion in the video is geared towards furthering the conversation about Texas sovereignty.

These elucidations are not just limited to narrating our past and present struggles, but they pose burning questions for all Texans. The present independence movement is not solely a commemoration of our historical favour for sovereignty but an essential dialogue for the future of Texas.

Through this video, the viewer is challenged to revisit their understanding of Texas’ place in the union and consider the possibility of a future where we govern ourselves independently. It’s an invitation to step into the shoes of our forefathers – those who so passionately believed in an independent Texas – and carry forth the torch of freedom.

Indeed, ‘Independence’ is more than a word for Texans. It is a testament to our resilient spirit, an echo of the past, and crucially, a beacon for our future. As you watch this video and engage with the rich history and diverse perspectives it presents, contemplate on what independence means for Texas, for you.

We invite you to join us in this discourse. Stand with us. Pave the path towards a free, sovereign, and flourishing Texas.”