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The media is trying to spin the next “Russia Collusion Hoax” with TEXIT.



“The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to present an insightful and thought-provoking video that seeks to further our understanding of the various aspects of the Texas Independence cause. This video sheds light on the importance of a Free and Independent Texas, its implications, and the spirit of the Texan people who continue to strive for sovereignty and national identity.

The video firstly offers a peep into the historical context of Texas and its long-standing battle for independence. It provides a glimpse into the Lone Star State’s history, painting a vivid picture of grit, determination, and an unyielding yearning for self-governance.

True to the ethos of the TNM, the video further underlines the importance of an Independent Texas. It methodically dissects the benefits this freedom would bring, from controlling our economy to preserving Texan traditions and ensuring the welfare of the Texan public at large.

There is a high emphasis on the inspirational role of the Texan people in this conversation. As Texans, our spirit is rooted in our relentlessness and unyielding determination to thrive independently. This very ethos spills over into the video as it seeks to inspire every Texan to be a part of the independence movement.

It showcases the measures taken by the Texas Nationalist Movement to preserve the Texan identity, including our pursuit of legislative advocacy, grassroots activism, and maintaining a steady conversation with the public about the need for independence. This explicit messaging serves as a call-to-action for everyone who identifies as a Texan.

This video reaffirms the TNM’s commitment to realizing the dream of a Free and Independent Texas. We believe it will inspire you to join us, become part of our movement, and collectively raise our voice for the cause we all hold dear – the right to self-determination and a prideful future for all Texans. We hope it will stay with you long after you have finished watching it, inspiring conversations, sparking ideas, and fostering a renewed spirit of nationalism in everyone who views it.”