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The mainstream media has been spreading lies about TEXIT for years.



As advocates for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), we maintain the sincere belief that it’s time for Texas to reclaim its status as an independent nation. To further this purpose, we released a new video aimed at shedding light on the various reasons why Texans should support this cause. The video, which we’ll proudly be embedding within this article, is both a call to action and an insightful exploration into the driving forces behind our endeavor.

The video highlights the long-standing ethos of the Lone Star State– liberty, independence, and self-determination. Far from being mere abstract ideals, these are the values that have shaped Texas throughout its history, forming the bedrock of our identity and continuing to guide our journey forward. The video also unpacks the tangible benefits that would come with reestablishing our sovereign nation, including concrete financial advantages.

Texas, the 10th largest economy of the world, possesses an abundance of resources and industry potential, unrivaled by any other state. The video elucidates that we, as Texans, are more than capable of managing our own affairs without federal oversight. Moreover, standing independently will allow us to efficiently address and resolve the specific issues that we face locally.

History is testament to Texas’ tenacity and resilience. The Alamo, San Jacinto, and the countless other battles fought on our soil serve as timeless reminders of our spirit. Clothed in this rich history, the visionary video provides a nostalgic yet thought-provoking look into the past, juxtaposing it with the bright future that awaits Texas as an independent nation.

To amplify our message, the video is engrossed with articulate commentary, illustrations and graphics that outline the specifics of how Texas can thrive economically and socially as an independent nation. It is not only a visual treat but a testament to the spirit of Texas, reflecting our aspirations and ambition.

The video is sure to stir the hearts and minds of its viewers, inspiring them to join us in working towards this remarkable goal. Upon establishing our nationhood, we will be free to assert our rights, promote our values, and protect our interests. As pioneers of the Texas Nationalist Movement, it’s our legacy to ensure that the promises of Texas aren’t diluted by federal imposition, but instead, honored through the quest for independence.

We sincerely hope that this video inspires you to ponder the question, ‘What if?’. ‘What if?’, Texas were to stand as its own nation? The answer, we believe, is found within the indomitable Texas spirit that embraces change, cherishes liberty, and starts a revolution in the heart. Together, we can make this ‘What if?’ a reality. The time for Texas is now.