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A Question for The TX Establishment



Texas political leaders have continuously demonstrated their loyalty to the establishment. Yet, a question remains to be asked and it seems to be a difficult one for them to answer: Which of their principles are they willing to compromise on to protect the establishment?

As servants of the people, our leaders’ prime responsibility should be to uphold the rights and freedoms of Texans. All too often, however, we see an unfortunate shift of allegiance – from constituents to the establishment. This compromise, or sacrifice, of principle raises substantial questions about the true motives of our political leaders. Are they primarily dedicated to Texan interests or do they have ulterior, more self-serving interests at heart?

The implications of these potential compromises are far-reaching. The possible degradation of civil liberties, the erosion of state sovereignty, and the general disregard for Texans’ concerns are grave concerns that could be the direct result of such compromises.

Are our political leaders truly representing us? Are they genuinely upholding the principles they proclaimed during their campaigns? More importantly, are they standing unyielding on those principles or are they subjecting them to compromise for their personal gains, or to maintain harmony with the establishment?

These are important questions that we, the people of Texas, have the right – and duty – to ask our representatives. Seeking answers to these queries is vital to preserving the integrity of our political system and ensuring a prosperous future for the Lone Star State.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is dedicated to asking these tough questions and demanding the truth from our leaders. We believe in the power of relentless transparency and vigorous accountability. The video embedded above discusses these issues in depth, asking critical questions and highlighting the importance of holding our leaders accountable.

Texas deserves leaders committed to defending our freedoms, preserving our state’s sovereignty, and prioritizing the interests and concerns of its citizens above all else. Let’s demand integrity, truth, and commitment from our leaders, for the sake of Texas and its people.