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Regina Ross: Steering Membership Towards Texas Independence at TEXITCON 2023

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We are honored to announce that Regina Ross, the esteemed Membership Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), will be a featured speaker at TEXITCON 2023. With over a decade of service to the cause of Texas independence, Regina’s leadership and dedication have been pivotal in the growth and engagement of TNM’s membership. TEXITCON 2023 is set to take place from November 9-12 in Waco, Texas, and promises to be a gathering of some of the most passionate advocates for Texas’ future.

About Regina Ross

A fifth-generation Texan, Regina Ross’s advocacy for Texas autonomy and prosperity is deeply rooted in her love for the Lone Star State. Joining TNM in 2008, Regina quickly became an integral part of the movement, advancing from a supporter to County Coordinator, Regional Director, Volunteer Director, and eventually to Director of Organizational Development. Her journey reflects her exceptional leadership qualities and her commitment to enhancing member engagement and organizational strategy.

In her role as Membership Director, Regina is the architect of the member experience, ensuring that every interaction with TNM is supportive, informative, and reflective of the independence movement’s values. Her open-door policy underscores her genuine commitment to the members and the cause.

Why You Should Attend

Regina Ross’s session at TEXITCON 2023 will offer attendees a unique perspective on the importance of membership engagement in a grassroots movement. Her approach to fostering unity and shared purpose among like-minded individuals is a cornerstone of TNM’s success.

Join us at TEXITCON 2023 to gain insights from Regina Ross’s extensive experience in building and nurturing a community of supporters dedicated to the cause of Texas independence. For more information and to secure your tickets, visit TEXITCON 2023.

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