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Cara Miller: Orchestrating the Operational Backbone of the Texas Nationalist Movement at TEXITCON 2023

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We are proud to announce that Cara Miller, a dedicated Texan and the Director of Operations for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), will be a featured speaker at TEXITCON 2023. Hosted by the Texas Nationalist Movement, TEXITCON serves as a platform for thought leaders and experts to discuss Texas independence, politics, and self-determination. The conference is scheduled for November 9-12 in Waco, Texas.

About Cara Miller

Cara Miller, a native Texan and Lamar University alumna, has been a driving force behind the operational success of the TNM. Her passion for Texas independence is matched by her expertise in managing the organization’s operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across all departments. Before dedicating her career to the TNM, Cara was a Registered Radiography and MRI Technologist and co-founded Radio Free Texas, an innovative platform for independent Texas music. Her commitment to community service is evident through her decade-long volunteer work with the Children’s Miracle Network.

Why You Should Attend

Cara Miller’s leadership and operational acumen are vital to the TNM’s mission. Her presentation at TEXITCON 2023 will provide attendees with insights into the complexities of running a large-scale advocacy organization and the importance of a strong operational framework in achieving strategic goals.

Join us to learn from Cara Miller’s wealth of experience in operations and advocacy at TEXITCON 2023. For more information and to buy tickets, visit TEXITCON 2023.

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