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Tarrant County GOP Chairman Election: A Positive Signal for TEXIT and a Growing Statewide Momentum

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In a closely contested race, Bo French was recently elected as the next Chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party. The election, which took place on October 23, 2023, saw French emerge victorious by a mere 14 votes. While the election itself was a noteworthy event, what caught our attention was a particular moment during the forum: all three candidates openly expressed their support for TEXIT.

Unanimous Support for TEXIT in Tarrant County

During the Tarrant County GOP Chairman forum, a lightning round of questions was posed to the candidates. When asked, “Do you support Texit?” all three candidates—Bo French, Fred Tate, and Warren Norred—gave a thumbs-up. This unanimous show of support is a significant indicator that the concept of Texas independence is not just a fringe idea but is gaining acceptance within mainstream political circles in Tarrant County.

A Growing Statewide Momentum

The Tarrant County development is not an isolated incident. Recently, the Republican Executive Committees in both Guadalupe and Angelina counties passed resolutions in favor of a statewide vote on Texas independence. These resolutions are part of the “Chair the Vote” campaign targeting the March 2024 Primary Ballot. Such actions indicate a growing momentum for TEXIT across Texas, making it increasingly difficult for state-level politicians to ignore the call for a referendum on Texas independence.

Implications for the Texas Independence Movement

The election of Bo French, who has shown support for TEXIT, opens up new avenues for dialogue and potential collaboration between the Tarrant County GOP and TNM. His role as the Chairman could serve as a catalyst for bringing the topic of Texas independence to the forefront of political discussions in the county. This is especially important as we approach the 2024 election cycle, where the question of Texas independence could become a pivotal issue.

A Call to Action for TNM Members in Tarrant County

This development serves as a call to action for all TNM members and supporters in Tarrant County. Now is the time to engage with your local GOP precinct chairs, community leaders, and neighbors to further the conversation about Texas independence. Whether attending local GOP meetings, organizing community events, or simply having one-on-one conversations, every interaction counts.

The election of Bo French as the Tarrant County GOP Chairman and the unanimous support for TEXIT from all candidates are positive signs for the Texas independence movement. These developments and similar actions in Guadalupe and Angelina counties present an opportunity for TNM to engage more closely with political leaders across Texas, thereby strengthening the push for Texas independence. Let’s seize this moment to advance the cause we all hold dear: a free and independent Texas.


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