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Guadalupe County GOP Passes Resolution Calling For TEXIT Vote

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The Republican Executive Committee in Guadalupe County has passed a resolution in favor of a statewide vote on Texas independence. This action aligns with similar resolutions in Angelina and Coryell counties and is part of the “Chair the Vote” campaign, targeting the March 2024 Primary Ballot.

Resolution Details

The resolution supports Planks 33 and 225 of the Republican Party of Texas, which advocate for a statewide vote on Texas independence. Although the resolution did not pass unanimously, it marks another step forward for the movement. Angelina County’s earlier unanimous resolution adds to this growing momentum.

Role of Local and State Leadership

Ken Tipton, the precinct chair who introduced the resolution, was instrumental in its passage. His efforts are part of the broader “Chair the Vote” campaign led by Susan Williamson. Chris Byrd, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, also attended the Guadalupe County CEC meeting. Byrd informed the committee that a similar resolution from Angelina County had been taken up by the Resolutions Committee of the SREC, highlighting the state-level attention these resolutions are receiving.

Wise County’s Upcoming Vote

The resolution has been approved by Wise County’s Resolutions Committee and is scheduled for a full vote of the County Executive Committee in November. Mike Drury, Chairman of the Republican Party in Wise County, has signed the TNM’s Texas First pledge.

Next Steps: Get Involved

If you’re interested in contributing to this initiative, the “Chair the Vote” campaign is open for sign-ups. The passage of the TEXIT Resolution in Guadalupe County is another incremental but significant step toward bringing the issue of Texas independence to a statewide vote.

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