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71% of Texans Believe the U.S. is Off Course

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Recent polling data reveals a growing consensus among Texans that the United States is headed in the wrong direction. According to a study by the University of Texas and the Texas Politics Project, a staggering 71% of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track. This sentiment is echoed by a SurveyUSA poll, which found that 66% of likely Texas voters are prepared for Texas to withdraw from the United States.

A Consistent Sentiment

This discontent is far from a new development. As early as February 2020, a significant percentage of Texans were already expressing dissatisfaction with the direction of the country. That number has now risen to 71%, highlighting the persistent concerns Texans have about federal governance, economic volatility, and inadequate representation.

Confirmation of a Broader Desire

The recent polling data serves to confirm what many have long suspected: the desire for self-governance and economic stability in Texas is deeply ingrained. Another poll supports this, revealing that 66% of likely Texas voters who expressed an opinion favor a referendum on Texas independence, including an overwhelming 76% of Republicans.

The Path Forward

These findings are not merely a call for introspection but a clear signal that Texans are ready for substantive change. The data reflects the collective aspirations and concerns of the people of Texas, affirming that the appetite for change is not new but has been present for some time.

As we consider the future, it’s evident that the momentum for change has been building in Texas. The question is not whether change will occur but when and in what form it will manifest. If you’re among the 71% who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, you’re far from alone. In a state celebrated for its independent spirit, the route to the future seems increasingly clear: it leads to Texas independence.

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