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The Texas GOP is working to keep TEXIT off the ballot through dirty establishment tricks.

Earlier today, the Texas GOP released a letter to a reporter rejecting the 139,456 TEXIT petition signatures from Texas Republican voters that would have placed the TEXIT question on the March 2024 ballot. In their letter, which was improperly serviced to a reporter instead of TNM President Daniel Miller, Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi detailed false allegations against the legitimacy of the TEXIT petition. 

Earlier today, the TNM released an internal resolution that allows for the TNM to take every possible legal action against the Texas GOP to overturn their improper ruling. The TNM expects to file legal action against the party as soon as tomorrow.

The TNM has given the Texas GOP 24 hours to reconsider their decision. 

You can read TNM President Daniel Miller’s full response here:

Dear Chairman Rinaldi,

While you did not extend the courtesy of providing it to us directly and in accordance with statute, I am in receipt of your letter rejecting the signatures of 139,456 Texans and declaring the petition we delivered to your office invalid.

The two reasons you cite for rejection of the petition stretch credibility. The assertion that the statute requires petitions to be delivered a full day prior to the close of the filing window is unbelievable on its face, and the mere assertion is ridiculous on its face.

Further, the assertion that electronic signatures are invalid is contrary to the law passed by the 80th Legislature (Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 322.007(d)) that clearly states, “If a law requires a signature, an electronic signature satisfies the law.” This statute does not countenance any exceptions to any part of the law and does not allow for any exceptions.

It is clear that the Republican Party of Texas is grasping for any tactic, no matter how ridiculous, to suppress the voices of Republican voters who merely want their voices heard on this fundamental issue of governance. Indeed, it is proof that those who are behind this charade are functionally no different from the Colorado Supreme Court when it comes to incredible legal interpretations to limit options on the ballot.

This is notice that we hereby reject the decision of the Republican Party of Texas and fully intend to litigate to secure the rights of the petition signers as guaranteed by the Texas Election Code. We will give you 24 hours to reconsider your decision and deliver notice directly to me that 139,456 petition signers will have their proposition placed on the ballot. Failing that action on the part of the Republican Party of Texas, it appears that you and I will spend the first part of 2024 in court.

We encourage every petition signer and TEXIT support to do two things.


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