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The Texas GOP is working to keep TEXIT off the ballot through dirty establishment tricks.

Earlier today, the Texas GOP released a letter to a reporter rejecting the 139,456 TEXIT petition signatures from Texas Republican voters that would have placed the TEXIT question on the March 2024 ballot. In their letter, which was improperly serviced to a reporter instead of TNM President Daniel Miller, Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi detailed false allegations against the legitimacy of the TEXIT petition. 

Earlier today, the TNM released an internal resolution that allows for the TNM to take every possible legal action against the Texas GOP to overturn their improper ruling. The TNM expects to file legal action against the party as soon as tomorrow.

The TNM has given the Texas GOP 24 hours to reconsider their decision. 

You can read TNM President Daniel Miller’s full response here:

Dear Chairman Rinaldi,

While you did not extend the courtesy of providing it to us directly and in accordance with statute, I am in receipt of your letter rejecting the signatures of 139,456 Texans and declaring the petition we delivered to your office invalid.

The two reasons you cite for rejection of the petition stretch credibility. The assertion that the statute requires petitions to be delivered a full day prior to the close of the filing window is unbelievable on its face, and the mere assertion is ridiculous on its face.

Further, the assertion that electronic signatures are invalid is contrary to the law passed by the 80th Legislature (Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 322.007(d)) that clearly states, “If a law requires a signature, an electronic signature satisfies the law.” This statute does not countenance any exceptions to any part of the law and does not allow for any exceptions.

It is clear that the Republican Party of Texas is grasping for any tactic, no matter how ridiculous, to suppress the voices of Republican voters who merely want their voices heard on this fundamental issue of governance. Indeed, it is proof that those who are behind this charade are functionally no different from the Colorado Supreme Court when it comes to incredible legal interpretations to limit options on the ballot.

This is notice that we hereby reject the decision of the Republican Party of Texas and fully intend to litigate to secure the rights of the petition signers as guaranteed by the Texas Election Code. We will give you 24 hours to reconsider your decision and deliver notice directly to me that 139,456 petition signers will have their proposition placed on the ballot. Failing that action on the part of the Republican Party of Texas, it appears that you and I will spend the first part of 2024 in court.

We encourage every petition signer and TEXIT support to do two things.


  1. We need also to lay out a platform as to what our future goals will be EXACTLY once independence is achieved.
    We should start w the original Texas constitution.
    And a direct limit on immigration from day one and full citizenship only to Texans with fundamentally historic Texas views, ie leftists need not apply.

    • Determining someone’s “views” is nebulous at best. Citizenship should be open to all native born Texans, and those that have been here for a period yet to be determined. Socialists go where the money is, parasites that they are. If Texas can create a smaller government, leftists will migrate to places with more public money available.

      • Ain’t native born, but fell in love with Texas when I came down here for a Cotton Bowl (Nebraska vs. Houston) decades ago as a teenager. Moved to Texas when I left the Army in 1988. Been a TEXIT supporter from day one! The TXGOP is being run by a bunch of Alexander Hamilton “powerful central government” sycophants. Hamilton feared that the states themselves would have too much control over their own destiny and always advocated for more federal power to keep the individual member states of the union in line.

      • Agreed! Texans reject the Left Supremacists’ banana republic fascism that silences voices that disagree with theirs. Texans desire #TEXIT BECAUSE we value the traditional American values and culture that no longer exists. Texas WILL be the lifeboat for all the things we valued about the America we grew up in, but have past into history.

    • Gotta have DEEP pockets to do that. Good idea though. Attack them from all fronts individuals as well as the organization. What a bunch of two face cowards the GOP is to invite Dan to speak on many occasions and yet find ways to stab us in the back. Remind me of the O’Jays song in 1972. “They smiling at your face, All the time they want to take your place. The back stabbers” They can NEVER stop FREEDOM.

    • The original Texas constitution was a good one as it was based on the US Constitution – still the oldest working constitution in the world. I recommend the US Constitution 2.0 (otherwise known as the Constitution of the Confederate States) to ameliorate many of the problems we fight to this day in the current constitution. With the old Confederate Constitution as a template and melding some of the wording and ideas of the original Texas Constitution, We would create a pretty solid document for the ages.

  2. Here it is on 12/28/2023 the GOP Texas Headquarters phone boxes are full!
    The hotlink, in their letter, does not work!
    Seems they have their eyes closed, hands over their ears and are yelling “LA LA LA LA”
    The feeling I get is if Texit passes that they will be cut off from Federal GOP jobs and gray train for life.

    I guess it is time to go lawyer shopping to see if I can sue Matt Rinaldi, Chairman, Republican Party of Texas personally.

    • I just called myself on 1/3/24 and the phone line for option 1 had an error message and would not allow me to leave a message. Therefore, I called back and hit option 2 and spoke with Jeremy or Jimmy who is “the communications director there at that 512-477-9821 number, and I told him specifically about their phone voice mail problem, and I was very courteous to him for at least answering the phone, but I still gave him an ear full about not allowing TEXIT to be put on the ballot in 2024, after we had already given them enough wet signatures in the past to get it put on the ballot for this past election, but was denied way back then. His direct response to me was that the TEXIT team had not only missed the deadline, but that according to Texas election codes we had to have what he referred to as “only wet petition signatures” and that our electronic signatures that were submitted were not valid, according to the current Texas election code requirements for anything, including any referendums to be placed on the 2024 ballot, and that he was sorry. What has to happen for this to become reality, is all of the GOP Rhinos need to be voted out of office in the first place or this will keep happening, and there is no point in trying to do anything or even fund this train, because real TEXANS can’t keep bringing stupid little knifes to a freaking damn gun fight!!!!!! This is where we have been for such a long time now with TEXIT, that I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the Texas GOP, TEXIT, Republican Election Committee, and the citizens themselves that haven’t done more than just stand up, but stomp up during any public forum, and DEMAND that the REC for the Tx. GOP, make this their single No. 1 priority, because until we do, Abbott and his Lt. Gov. will put up every single roadblock they can think of and then throw in more later that they just haven’t thought of yet, to never allow TEXIT to ever come to the floor, BECAUSE THERE IS NO INCENTIVE FOR THEM TO ALLOW IT, and NO GOOD OUTCOME FOR THEM IN THEIR MINDS FOR THEM PERSONALLY, IF THEY DO ALLOW IT!!!!! SO, I GUESS WE’LL ALL JUST HAVE TO KEEP PIPE DREAMING HERE FOLKS!!!! GET RID OF THE DAMN RHINOS AND THEN YOU CAN START TO FIX THE FREAKING PROBLEM FOLKS!!!!!!! IT IS THAT DAMN SIMPLE!!!!!!!!

  3. Called, Most of the Mailboxes are full (12/29/2023), So I left a Message in the Chairman’s Mailbox. Wasn’t exactly totally polite but refrained from actually speaking my mind… Left the Name “Pissed off Texan”

    • As Dan said they are grasping at straws. Only the legal system can bend their will to deny us. Very similar to the Egyptian Pharos who would not let the Jews leave Israel until the 7 plagues were brought against them.

  4. It seems that TEXIT will have to become its own political party order to succeed. If we continue to rely on entrenched established political operatives then we cannot move forward to the people and with the people. This is what our citizen’s expect. BOLD, NEW, LEADERSHIP. As, with the movement itself, legal battles must be fought and will determine our fate. “The system” will not go quietly in to the night. They must be exposed like the leaders in other states as against the will of the people where all power derives.

  5. I firmly believe that when it comes to a TEXIT vote only Texans ( natural born) should be considered in this election. American citizens and non-citizens do not share the fundamental support for a Republic of Texas that prioritizes Texas values over United States Rule.

    • I disagree with who should vote on Texit.
      I was not born here, I was raised in Chicago. My fathers sister lived here in very south Texas as she married a Texan who family dates back to Mexico on his land. I an a Texan by choice. I have lived here since January, 2018.
      I worked this last election and runoff at the polls. I did work on Texit movement, the last two petition drives and going back to the bad times as a supporter back to 1995. I am a Texit supporter!
      I do have some envy of you being born Texan.

    • Those of us who migrated from other states came here because we wanted to, not because we were born here and don’t have the financial means to get out. I left my successful CPA private practice in Wisconsin to join a client’s company in Houston and I was the first transplant to purchase a home. How DARE you tell me that I don’t have a vested interest in this state or potential REPUBLIC? SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • I relocated from New Hampshire 8 years ago, I did so because my values were Texas values. If you think being born in Texas is a guarantee of conservatism think again, lots of work averse people in Harris county, vote for a living.

    • I understand your position. I do. But, I think you posted more out of emotion rather than reality. I was born in California, but my family ties in Texas goes back to the 1700’s. Spent much of the war years (WWII) on family farms (Dangerfield-Hughes Springs area) and visited family here over the years. I moved back to TX in 2021, and when my time comes, I am scheduled to be buried in the Dallas VA National Cemetery. I also support the TEXIT movement. So, would anyone deny me the right to vote on this issue? Personally, this 85 year old I would love to live long enough to vote “Yes”.

  6. YES! Everyone needs to call the Texas GOP and be heard. They are still responding that signatures were not valid. I reminded them today when I called, that my financial contributions will be going TNM instead of the Texas GOP. WE SHALL BE HEARD!!!

  7. Theyfeartruth Federal Government of America is a independent international Federal Government & Nation the object is to gain the support of the people without the people the United States Government has no power. Theyfeartruth Federal Government of America was created under the 1776 Declaration of independence the right to abolish a government or to alter. Theyfeartruth has a NCAGE code SPPL4 officially declaring it as a independent Federal government and nation. We or now in unity with TNM

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