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TNM Files Temporary Restraining Order in District Court To Halt Printing Of Ballots Over TEXIT Petition

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Last night, the Texas Nationalist Movement filed a temporary restraining order in Travis County District Court to halt the printing of ballots and asking the court to order the placement of the TEXIT question on the ballot.

The filing can be found HERE

This comes after the Texas Supreme Court rejected the TNM’s emergency petition. The court offered no explanation for their rejection. Despite their rejection, the District Court has the authority to rule on the facts of the case and issue an order to place the TEXIT question on the ballot.

This is the second move in what will be a series of legal actions against the Texas Republican Party and its chairman, Matt Rinaldi, for wrongfully removing the TEXIT question from the GOP Primary ballot. The Texas Nationalist Movement has also sent an open records request to the Secretary of State to determine if the Secretary was participating in any unlawful coordination with Matt Rinaldi and the Texas Republican Party. 

“Ballots should not be printed until the unlawful actions of the Texas GOP and Matt Ribaldi have been properly vetted by the courts,” said TNM President Daniel Miller. “We believe that the courts will find that Rinaldi’s actions were unlawful, and we expect the TEXIT question to be on the ballot this March.”

In June of 2023, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) launched a petition campaign to force a TEXIT referendum on the 2024 Primary ballot. Using a provision in the Texas Election Code, if the TNM collected the minimum of 97,709 valid signatures, the question: “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” must, by law, be placed on the primary ballot in March of 2024.

Supporters are urged to help with the legal efforts by contributing at defendtexit.com.


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