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The Texas First Pledge Shaping Candidate Support in Upcoming Elections

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The Texas primary election is fast approaching, and candidates across the state are campaigning hard, vying to stand out to voters in crowded districts. One available option for candidates to distinguish themselves to a sizable segment of Texas voters is the Texas First Pledge, which asks candidates to prioritize Texas and Texans’ interests, including supporting legislation for a vote on Texas independence. 

The pledge might seem radical to those unfamiliar with the rapidly growing cause for Texas independence, but they might be surprised to know that a growing number of candidates and current office-holders in Texas have signed the pledge, committing themselves to ensuring Texans’ right to vote on Texas independence (commonly referred to as TEXIT).  What is radical about a Texas representative pledging allegiance to Texas? 

Pledge signers with whom you might already be familiar include Sid Miller, Allen West, Don Huffines, and Chad Prather. A total of 25 currently-serving elected officials across Texas are signers, and as of this writing, 61 candidates for positions ranging from the school house to the state house have signed.

You might think that the candidates who have signed the Texas First Pledge are obscure and not embraced by mainstream Republicans in Texas, but pledged candidates are receiving endorsements from well-known Republicans.  Texas First legislative candidates and their major endorsements are listed below in order of the district they’re running to represent.

NamePosition/DistrictEndorsed by
Joseph TrahanSenate 15Greg Abbott
Cody ClarkSenate 30
Dale HulsHouse 1
Dewey Collier House 5
Joe McDanielHouse 7Sid Miller
Jaye CurtisHouse 8
Paulette CarsonHouse 9Ken Paxton
Steve TothHouse 15 (incumbent)Greg Abbott, Sid Miller
Tom Glass House 17Ken Paxton
Janis HoltHouse 18Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Sid Miller
Kyle BiedermannHouse 19Sid Miller
Elva Janine ChapaHouse 20Ken Paxton
David CoveyHouse 21Donald Trump, Ken Paxton, Sid Miller
Alicia DavisHouse 21
Larissa RamirezHouse 24
Dennis LondonHouse 33
Greg SwitzerHouse 44
Wes VirdellHouse 53Ted Cruz, Sid Miller, Don Huffines, Steve Toth, Brian Harrison
Jorge EstradaHouse 55
Lyndon LairdHouse 58
Shelley LutherHouse 62Ted Cruz, Sid Miller, Ken Paxton, Don Huffines
Andy HopperHouse 64Ted Nugent, Ken Paxton, Sid Miller, Don Huffines, Chad Prather
Mitch Little House 65Ken Paxton, Sid Miller
Joe CollinsHouse 70
Stormy BradleyHouse 72Greg Abbott
Lea SimmonsHouse 76
Tim GreesonHouse 85
David LoweHouse 91Ken Paxton, Sid Miller
Jack Reynolds House 99Ken Paxton
Ben MostynHouse 117Ken Paxton
Michael ChampionHouse 121
Bianca GraciaHouse 128Sid Miller
John PerezHouse 133Sid Miller

If your candidate is not on this list, ask them to sign the pledge! 

The reason why so many candidates are eagerly signing on to the Texas First Pledge is simple: TEXIT is the official position of the Republican Party of Texas. In 2022, over 80% of delegates at the Republican Party of Texas Convention voted in favor of not one but two planks (33 & 225), calling for a vote on TEXIT. The results at the Convention reflect the will of a growing majority of voters across Texas. The numbers are undeniable; poll after poll proves that Texans want a vote on TEXIT and, if given the chance, would vote YES for Texas independence! 

Take a moment to appreciate the gravity of the list above.  We have pro-Texit candidates endorsed by the sitting governor, a sitting US Senator, and even one candidate endorsed by a former US president.  

If you’re a candidate for office and scared to take the pledge for fear it might hurt your campaign, take another look at the chart.  Major players have endorsed Texas First candidates.  Being Texas First will not hurt your chances. 

Texit is inevitable, but the timeline depends on who we can elect to the legislature. The candidates at taketexasback.com are worth your time, support, and vote. 

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