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Texas Legislators Scramble as the TNM Works to “Take Texas Back”

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In a recent video, Rep. Kyle Biedermann of HD 73 relays that many incumbents are now scrambling for endorsements and support. They say they are getting pressure from the people for not signing on to HB1359 (TEXIT bill), which would have allowed Texans to vote on the issue of Texas independence. 

Last year, supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement urged their legislators to support HB1359. Thousands of phone calls, letters, emails, and personal visits were ignored by many elected officials. Now they are thinking about the upcoming election and realize they cannot possibly win without the support of voters who place Texas first..

Listen to Rep Biedermann’s message to the TNM.

As a result, many of them have decided not to run for re-election. On the list of incumbents who will not seek another term are five senators and 20% of house members. Although a handful of these are stepping down for personal reasons, most are feeling the pressure of their dissatisfied constituents on the TEXIT issue.

Additionally, many incumbents are facing viable challengers to their office. All of the executive offices are being challenged in the primaries, as well as 23 senate seats and 29 house seats. This presents a huge opportunity for the revamping of the Texas government, and the TNM has taken on a huge task to make this shift happen. 

A few months ago, the Take Texas Back (TTB) campaign was launched. This program was designed to recruit, vet, train, and support members of the TNM who wanted to run for public office. These candidates include Charles Turner (HD6), Joshua Hamm (HD12), and Deanna Robertson  (HD127), and Clay Rankin (Hunt County JP) .  

Other candidates that already had launched their campaigns were able to pledge their support to put Texas first by signing the “Texas First” pledge. It identifies candidates that fully support the right of Texans to determine their own path to a true representation in our government, including becoming independent. You can read the pledge in full and find out if your representative has signed the pledge by visiting Take Texas Back

This program is just getting started, so check back regularly for additions to the list of Texas First candidates. Those who have signed to date include the five listed above, and the following: Chad Prather (Governor), Allen West (Governor), Daniel Miller (Lt. Governor), Weston Martinez (Land Commissioner), James White (Agricultural Commissioner), Stormy Bradley (SD31), Andy Hopper (HD64), Paul Christenson (Ellis County Tax Assessor).

Others who are on the list of TEXIT supporters are the heroes who signed HB1359 in the 87th legislative session. Bryan Slaton (HD2) and Steve Toth (HD15) will be running again as the Republican candidates in the general election, whereas Phil Stephenson (HD85) will have to face a challenger on the primary ballot.

The upcoming elections are pivotal to ensuring that the lives of all Texans are respected, and the rights of self-determination and self-governance are protected. If you don’t see your legislator or candidate on the “Texas First” list, contact them and urge them to sign the pledge. Remind them that this is a voting issue, and they will not receive your support if they don’t promise to put Texas first!

Furthermore, make sure you support these candidates with your voice, your time, and your wallet. These people need resources and publicity if they are going to stand a chance against the establishment bureaucrats. Share your support on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, and make a donation or offer to help with their campaign. Every person needs to do their part in getting people elected who care about the heart of Texas! 

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