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From Houston’s Plan to Federal Ploys: War as the Ultimate Diversion

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Have you heard of Sam Houston’s plan to invade Mexico as a rallying point for the United States as it was barrelling toward secession and the Civil War?  With the conquest of Mexico in sight, would the US put aside sectional differences for the sake of progress? Everything old is new again. Is the Federal government seeking a war overseas to avoid conflict at home and keep the Union together?

Sam Houston led a most interesting life: military man under Andrew Jackson, eventually governor of two states, general of the Texian Army, President of the Republic, Texas’ Senator in the US government, and a lifetime of politics and intrigue.  Even non-Texans recognize his role in the Texas Revolution and the defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto with the rallying cry of “Remember the Alamo!”  

In later life, Houston was a Texan through and through.  He opposed secession because he believed war would result.  He opposed joining the Confederacy because he believed a renewed Republic of Texas could stand independently and expand its territory to the South and West.  Ultimately, public will prevailed over Sam’s vision, and Texas seceded and joined the Confederacy.  But before all this, Sam had a plan. 

The Invasion of Mexico to Preserve The Union

The US defeated Mexico in the Mexican-American War in 1848.  Some believed the US should have held the Mexican territory, establishing Mexico as a protectorate then.  The idea stuck in Sam Houston’s head as a way to avoid war over sectional conflicts and slavery.  

He decided that a great new issue or cause would distract the public mind from the slavery controversy and restore national unity. After trying and discarding various other devices, he finally took up the gaudy banner of Manifest Destiny: He would unite the American people by appealing to their powerful lust for territorial expansion.

To the south lay Mexico—enticingly rich, invitingly weak. Houston envisioned himself as leading in establishing an American “protectorate” there. Not only would the North and South forget their differences to join in this glorious enterprise, but a grateful and admiring nation would reward him with the White House.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, he attempted to recruit a US Army colonel known for his skills and leadership, Robert E. Lee, who was stationed in Texas at the time.  Lee ultimately declined, alluding that he would invade Mexico on the orders of the USA but not as part of a gubernatorial conquest.  Houston then turned to British financiers who held substantial bonds on Mexico’s defaulted national debts.  He reasoned that if he conquered Mexico, the British could recover their bonds and, therefore, might support the conquest. This plan also failed.  Ultimately, Houston’s plans were cut off at every turn, and he ran out of opportunities following the election of Abraham Lincoln.  The rest is history. 

History Doesn’t Repeat But It Rhymes

We again find ourselves on the cusp of something, with ruses and intrigue, sectional differences, leadership conflicts, and ongoing tension.  Like their forefather Sam Houston, many Texans would rather go it alone as an independent Republic than be dragged into open conflict.  Over 600K supporters have indicated their support for Texas independence, and momentum is growing.  

At the same time as Texit is moving toward the mainstream, the Federal government is escalating issues related to immigration and energy.  Will Shelby Park be the next Fort Sumpter?  Time will tell.  Will Biden’s retaliatory export regulations on natural gas be the “Intolerable Acts” that tip the scales?  

The Texas Nationalist Movement’s position on these conflicts is clear: the only way forward is to re-establish the Republic of Texas as an independent nation.  Our strategy is equally clear: to work within the existing political processes to hold a popular vote on the issue consistent with the Texas Constitution’s assertion in Article 1, Section 2 that “All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. [And that] they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.”  Following this vote, the Texas government is expected to negotiate terms of exit with the federal government according to modern international standards for separations.  This path is most likely to guarantee peace: an amicable negotiated divorce. 

At the same time, our elected officials at the state and Federal levels are working against our interest in peaceful separation.  There’s an ongoing game of chicken between Texas and the Feds over immigration enforcement.  Shelby Park, a 2.5-mile stretch of the 1254-mile Texas border, is ground zero.  Neither side is backing down.  Other states are coming together to support Texas’ right to defend its borders.  “Well-meaning” citizens are headed south to show their support.  

Sam Houston saw the Civil War coming and tried to distract people from that momentum by creating a war against a common opponent: Mexico.  

It sure looks like the Biden administration is doing the exact same thing.  X (formerly Twitter) is lit up with the idea.

For further support of Biden’s “look over here!” strategy, consider the US’s enthusiastic support for war in Ukraine.  The United States sent roughly 75 billion dollars in various aid to Ukraine from January 2022 to October 2023. At the same time, Joe Biden has canceled funding distribution for border wall projects, citing the expense as too high.  Why should the USA secure the border of Ukraine for untold billions of dollars when they’re not willing to spend a fraction of that to secure our own border?  It’s a ruse. 

Just like Sam Houston’s failed plot, the US government is funding, fueling, and promoting wars worldwide as a ruse to keep the citizens’ focus.  Will it be China or Russia?  Will it be Jordan or Iran?  What about Yemen or Syria?  Should we support Israel or Palestine?  The media is awash with these headlines and more, but make no mistake: it’s just a distraction.  

The Federal government does not want YOU to see how much they screw you over daily.  They don’t want YOU to see that they spend your money on other people’s problems while ignoring them. They don’t want YOU to understand that self-determination is a natural right, that voting for independence isn’t treason, and that peaceful negotiation is the way out.  They want you to see war “over there.”  It’s sleight of hand, and it’s also a veiled threat of violence for those of us “over here” who believe the Federal government has broken its Constitutional contract with the states.  Even the president himself suggests frequently that we’d “need F-15’s” if we wanted to “fight America.”  Nobody is calling for a fight except those who would assault us to keep us in a union that no longer serves the people of Texas.  

The Way Forward

The elected officials in office right now at the state and federal levels are making decisions every day that will determine whether Texas’ separation from the USA will be peaceful, chaotic, or violent.  Here are three things you can do right now.

One, join the Texas Nationalist Movement.  We will always advocate for Texas first and for peaceful separation via referendum and negotiation.  Join the more than 620K supporters of Texas Independence.  Advocate with us!

Two, vote for candidates who have signed the Texas First Pledge.  How can a politician claim to represent you if they’re willing to pledge allegiance to America first?  There are dozens of state-level legislative candidates who have signed the pledge, and Texas First candidates have endorsements by Abbott, Sid Miller, Ted Cruz, and even Donald Trump.  The key to a peaceful transition is getting pro-Texas candidates into the legislature.  Do your homework, and go out and vote!

Three, interact with your legislators in pro-Texas ways.  Ask them the hard questions, like “Do you support Texas first?” and “Do you support the right of the people to vote on Texas independence?” and don’t take no for an answer. Be fluent in the arguments for and against Texit, and always be ready to give an account of your hope for the independence of Texas. 

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