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Federal Overreach on Internet Regulation Is A Threat to Texas’ Digital Sovereignty

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In a recent development that has significant implications for internet freedom and state sovereignty, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted new rules under the guise of ‘digital equity’ that dramatically increase federal control over internet services and infrastructure. This move, as outlined in the dissenting statement of Commissioner Brendan Carr, reflects a concerning trend towards centralized control, undermining the values of free market and state autonomy.

The Biden Administration’s Broadband Agenda: Control at the Core

Under the Biden Administration, the FCC has been tasked with implementing a section of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, leading to a set of rules that Commissioner Carr describes as having “breathtaking scope” in the name of ‘digital equity’. These rules grant the federal government extensive authority to micromanage aspects of the internet, from service provisions to pricing and marketing strategies.

Impact on Texas: A Concern for Digital Independence

This federal overreach is alarming for Texans, particularly those supporting the TEXIT movement and advocating for Texas’ independence. The FCC’s new regulations represent not just an intrusion into the free market but also a direct threat to the state’s ability to govern its own digital infrastructure. This is contrary to the principles of self-governance and autonomy central to the Texas Nationalist Movement’s advocacy.

Commissioner Carr’s Critique: A Call for Restraint and Market Freedom

Commissioner Carr’s detailed dissent highlights several key concerns. He argues that the FCC’s rules extend far beyond what Congress authorized, effectively creating a regulatory regime that intrudes into the private sector’s decision-making processes. Moreover, implementing these rules could lead to significant economic consequences, stifling innovation and investment in the internet infrastructure. His critique raises alarms about the precedent this sets for federal overreach, potentially impacting other areas of governance and undermining state rights.

The Path Forward: Upholding Texas’ Digital Rights

In light of these developments, Texans and supporters of the TNM must remain vigilant and proactive. Advocating for policies that ensure Texas’ digital sovereignty and independence from federal overreach is more critical than ever. Supporting state-level initiatives that promote a free and open Internet, engaging with lawmakers to advocate for Texas’ digital rights and autonomy, and raising awareness about the implications of federal control over the Internet are critical steps in this direction.

The Road to True Freedom Through Texas Independence

The recent actions of the FCC underscore a sobering reality: the only way to truly safeguard our digital rights and freedoms from federal overreach is through Texas independence. It is a reminder that our fight for self-governance extends beyond physical borders to the digital frontier. As we continue our journey towards a free and independent Texas, we must recognize that true freedom from this digital tyranny can only be achieved through our state’s independence. Let us unite in this mission, embracing the principles of freedom, innovation, and self-governance, to forge a digital future that is truly ours.

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