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Texas Attorney General Exposes Legislative Complicity in Colony Ridge

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Colony Ridge, a housing development in Liberty County, Texas, has become a contentious issue in the ongoing debate over border security. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently implicated State Rep. Ernest Bailes and State Sen. Robert Nichols in facilitating the development’s controversial expansion.

The Urgency for Independence and Accountability

Paxton’s revelations not only expose the federal government’s failures in border security but also raise serious questions about the integrity of certain Texas legislators. This situation underscores the urgent need for Texas to become a self-governing, independent nation. It also highlights the necessity to root out “fifth columnists” within its own government who may be undermining the state’s security for personal or political gain.

Colony Ridge: A Flashpoint in the Border Debate

Colony Ridge has gained notoriety for reportedly advertising itself in Central and South America, targeting individuals without legal authorization to be in the U.S. The development has utilized its status as a Municipal Management District (MMD) to offer “owner-financed” loans, thereby facilitating its rapid expansion. This MMD status was granted through legislation passed by the Texas Legislature, enabling the development to use government bonds and other financial tools for growth.

Paxton’s Damning Letter Refutes Harris’s Claims

In a letter to the Texas congressional delegation, Attorney General Paxton directly contradicted claims made by John Harris, the CEO of Colony Ridge. Paxton criticized Bailes and Nichols for their role in the Colony Ridge development and described the MMD’s board as “unelected, unaccountable leaders.” He expressed disappointment in the legislators for potentially enriching specific developers at the expense of public safety and quality of life in Texas.

Financial Ties: New Revelations

A recent tweet by Spencer Lindquist reveals that State Rep. Ernest Bailes, who represents the district where Colony Ridge is located, received $1,800 from John Harris. Additionally, Bailes’ biggest donor is Randy Ellis, who owns the earthwork and clearing company employed by Colony Ridge. This new information adds another layer of complexity to the story and raises further questions about the motivations behind the legislative actions of Bailes.

Federal Failures and Texas Government Complicity

The Colony Ridge situation serves as a glaring indictment of the federal government’s inability to secure the border effectively. It also highlights the presence of willing accomplices within the Texas government, who may be undermining the state’s security for personal or political gain. These “fifth columnists” within the state’s legislative body raise questions about their potential personal benefits and their commitment to the security and well-being of Texas residents.

The Imperative for Texas Independence

The issues surrounding Colony Ridge make it abundantly clear that the only viable long-term solution for securing the border is for Texas to become a self-governing, independent nation. Such independence would provide Texas with the autonomy needed to implement effective border security measures, free from federal inadequacies and internal state-level complicity.

The Need for Accountability

The roles played by Bailes and Nichols in facilitating Colony Ridge’s expansion, as highlighted by Paxton’s letter and Lindquist’s tweet, raise serious questions about their motivations and potential personal gains. This situation emphasizes the need to hold Texas legislators accountable for actions that compromise the state’s security and well-being.

The Colony Ridge development serves as a cautionary tale of the far-reaching consequences of legislative actions and federal failures in border security. Attorney General Paxton’s revelations add another layer to this complex issue, amplifying the call for Texas independence and internal government accountability. As the movement for an independent Texas gains momentum, the need for scrutiny and accountability within the state’s own government has never been more critical.

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