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Border Crisis Escalates as Venezuelan Flag Planted on Texas Soil

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Recent events in the Eagle Pass area have intensified the debate on illegal immigration and border security in Texas. A tweet from Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) revealed an incident where individuals, mainly from Venezuela, attempted to claim a Texas island by planting a Venezuelan flag. The DPS Tactical Marine Unit promptly addressed the situation, but the incident raises serious questions about Texas’ sovereignty and the need for stronger leadership.

The Incident

According to Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas DPS, the Eagle Pass area is grappling with a significant influx of illegal immigrants, predominantly from Venezuela. Some of these individuals audaciously attempted to claim a Texas island by placing a Venezuelan flag on it. This act was immediately countered by the DPS Tactical Marine Unit, who removed the flag.

The Role of DPS Tactical Marine Unit

The DPS Tactical Marine Unit, a specialized force within the Texas Department of Public Safety, is trained to handle various situations, including border security and maritime law enforcement. Their quick response to the flag incident underscores the unit’s effectiveness and readiness to protect Texas sovereignty.

The Need for TEXIT

The incident in Eagle Pass makes it more evident than ever that if Texas wants to secure its borders and implement a rational immigration policy, the only viable path is TEXIT—Texas exiting the United States. The state’s sovereignty is at stake, and half-measures will not suffice.

A Call for Stronger Leadership

Governor Greg Abbott needs to go beyond tersely worded letters and tweets and begin treating these incidents as actual invasions. The act of planting a foreign flag on Texas soil provides clear insight into the motivations of those crossing the border illegally. This is an issue of sovereignty, and if Texas does not act on its independence, our sovereignty will be compromised.

A Global Perspective: The Lampedusa Parallel

The situation is reminiscent of the issues currently happening on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where a similar crisis of illegal immigration and sovereignty is unfolding. The international context highlights the urgency and gravity of the situation in Texas.

Read more about the Lampedusa situation here

The swift action taken by the DPS Tactical Marine Unit in the Eagle Pass area serves as a testament to the readiness and effectiveness of our state’s security forces. However, it also accentuates the ongoing challenges Texas faces, emphasizing the need for decisive leadership and action to protect our state’s sovereignty.

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