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The English Constitution Party: A Quest for Self-Determination

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The English Constitution Party (ECP) is a political organization that advocates for the self-determination of England. Its primary focus is on reclaiming the English Constitution and Common Law, emphasizing the separation of powers and individual rights. The ECP aims to restore governance to the local level, advocating for independently-governed counties rather than regions.

The Distinction Between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom

Before delving into the ECP’s motivations, it’s crucial to understand the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom. England is a nation with its own history, culture, and legal traditions. Great Britain refers to the island comprising England, Scotland, and Wales, while the United Kingdom is a political and economic union that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The ECP seeks independence for England, aiming to disentangle it from the broader British political system.

Self-Determination and Constitutional Governance

The ECP’s core policy is English self-determination. They advocate for the voiding of the Acts of Union that led to the formation of the United Kingdom, aiming to return England and Scotland to full autonomy. The party emphasizes the importance of the English Constitution, which they believe has been overshadowed by British governance. They propose a return to an autonomous English parliament with a light-touch governance system and a separation of powers via an elected President, elected Members of Parliament, and an elected Judiciary.

Economic and Social Policies

While the focus of this article is not to advocate or oppose the ECP’s specific policies, it’s worth noting that they have a comprehensive set of social and economic policies. These include a National Living Wage Pension for pensioners and a simplified tax system. However, these policies are framed within the broader context of English self-determination.

International Support for Self-Determination

The ECP’s quest for self-determination is not without international precedent. Self-determination is recognized as an international right under United Nations declarations and covenants, which have been ratified by the British Establishment. The ECP argues that as the indigenous people of England, they have the right to self-governance and freedom from what they consider to be British colonial rule.

The English Constitution Party offers a compelling case for the self-determination of England. While the Texas Nationalist Movement focuses on the independence of Texas, both movements share a common goal: the right to self-governance and the restoration of constitutional law. The ECP’s focus on local governance, constitutional law, and individual rights presents an interesting parallel to the TNM’s own objectives, making their approach worthy of consideration for those interested in the broader global movement for self-determination.


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