Dr. Matt Qvortrup

Dr. Matthew Qvortrup is Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Coventry University, Visiting Professor at the Australian National University in Canberra, and the acclaimed author of I Want to Break Free: A Practical Guide to Making a New Country. He regularly appears on broadcast media and writes for publications including Philosophy Now, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian and The Times. He also appears as a regular commentator for the BBC, on both radio and television.

The Road to Freedom Through the Ballot Box

Advisory referendums can lead to independence – pragmatic politics trumps legal niceties – this would have implications for Texas “Sure, we can vote for Brexit, but the government would just ignore or, wouldn’t they? I mean, in a representative democracy the legislature is king, right?”...

National Divorce? If States Want To Leave, They Have The Power!

Those opposed to states leaving the Union think it is illegal – they shouldn’t be too sure. Dr. Matt Qvortrup breaks down Texas v White and the arguments against national divorce. The recent British Supreme Court judgment on the Scottish independence referendum...

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Texit in the Old Days

Texas once voted for independence - Many Texans wanted to revert to an independent...

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