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It’s time to turn the tables on our opposition.



In the ever-evolving political landscape of our beloved Lone Star State, the Texas Nationalist Movement continues to fight determinedly for our attainment of political, cultural, and economic independence. In our latest video, we delve into these critical aspects, elucidating the ‘why’ behind our cause.

The video accentuates our deeply rooted belief in the Texas spirit that persists against all odds. Recalling the tales of resilient Texans who defy the barriers and obstacles put forth by an overbearing federal government. We tell the story of a fight that is ingrained in the lineage of every Texan who dreams of autonomy.

This video also makes the case for a self-governing Texas, providing a comprehensive understanding of our profound quest. We delve into the idea that Texans can rule themselves better than any federal entity can, and underscore the significant benefits that come with autonomy: economic freedom, cultural preservation, and an empowered citizenry are touted as some of the advantages.

Focusing on the economic aspects, the video underscores Texas’ potential as an economic powerhouse, capable of standing alone without the need for federal assistance. As a self-governing entity, Texas could potentially polish its own economic policy, create jobs, and encourage local industries in ways that best cater to its citizens’ needs and interests.

The cultural preservation part of our cause is primordial. Texas is rich in an indomitable spirit and unique cultural heritage that we believe is best protected by Texans themselves. As locals who understand the nuances of our culture and its importance, we firmly believe in our capability to uphold and foster our cultural identity in the face of an ever-globalizing world.

Lastly, the video talks about the power of an empowered citizenry in an independent Texas. Imagine a Texas where every red-blooded Texan has the right to decide the fate of their own homeland, without out-of-state interference and control. That is the vision we are putting forward.

Our struggle for independence is not the result of a momentary whim, but rather a deep-seated belief, carried on the shoulders of generations of Texans before us, that we have the right and the ability to govern our own state, our way. This video is a call to all those who think likewise and are ready to join the fight. Remember, Texas is not just a state; it’s a state of mind.

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