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Congress wants to TAKE CONTROL of the Texas power grid



On the victorious journey of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), we are pleased to share a new YouTube video that offers valuable insights into its continued progress, objectives, and milestones.

The TNM is an active political organization dedicated to winning the right for Texans to determine their own political, cultural, and economic future. The mission is always pivoting towards the independence of Texas, set in the belief that the best people to govern Texas are Texans themselves.

In light of this, the shared video gives viewers an animated walkthrough of the movement’s evolution and dedication, right from its inception. It provides an articulate understanding of how ever since its establishment, the TNM has garnered a broad base of public support, an essential platform for initiating conversations and discussions related to Texas’s independence.

The video highlights that it is not just about achieving independence, but also about the overall growth and development of Texas. It echoes the perspective that independence is a pathway to creating a system governed by Texans for its betterment, where decisions regarding policies and regulations are taken by keeping in mind the local interests, perspectives, and aspirations.

In essence, the TNM believes in the democratic principle of self-rule and taking control of local governance. This video presents this core philosophy in an elaborate manner, outlining how the movement intensively strives to make every Texan’s voice heard, respected, and considered.

More than a political organization, the TNM serves as a beacon for all those who believe in the power of self-governance, the rights of individual states, and the true essence of democracy.

Through this shared video, we hope to inspire every viewer to join our journey toward independence – a journey that celebrates the spirit of Texas and its people. It is a call for every Texan to express their love for their land, their culture, and their right to self-determination. The intention is to galvanize support and join hands in creating a united front that moves Texas towards the road to independence.

We invite everyone to watch this intriguing video and deeply understand the objectives and the essence of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Together, we can overcome the skeptics, create a land of our own, and build a robust Texas, where the power resides heavily in the hands of its people.

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