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Anti-TEXIT politician Lynn Stucky appears to endorse AOC’s nationalized power grid bill



As Texas patriots, we firmly believe in the strength and solvency of our beloved state. We hold onto the principle of autonomy and resilience – standing apart from federal control while managing our own affairs. This is where the significance of our legislators comes into play. They are the chosen representatives of the people whose role becomes even more pivotal during tumultuous times like these.

In our latest video (embedded above), we stress the necessity for us Texans to communicate our stance to our elected officials. If the legislator mentioned in the video represents you, we strongly encourage you to make your voice heard right now.

While we understand and appreciate the role the federal government plays, we cannot stand by watching Texas become increasingly dependent on this distant administration. We must remember – self-reliance is a cornerstone of Texan ethos. The more autonomous we are, the stronger we become.

Every letter you draft, every call you make, and every petition you sign carries immense power. Your legislator relies on your voice to guide their decisions. Tell them loud and clear; you do not support Texas bending under the burden of increased federal control. We must strive to retain our state’s independence and strength, allowing us to thrive without interference from the federal administration.

We, Texans, should seize this moment to unite in the spirit of resistance. Let us remind our legislators that our resolve is unwavering, that we are obliged to the prosperity of Texas, and that we stand together for independence. There is no space for compromise when it comes to maintaining the character and resilience of our great state.

Remember, increased federal dependency does not equate to progress. It compromises the independent spirit that Texas is known for. Reach out to your legislator NOW and advocate for a strong, autonomous Texas, free from the excessive influence of the federal government.

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