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TEXIT Is Gaining Traction



The momentum behind the TEXIT campaign is growing stronger day by day. With the ever-increasing support we have found in our fellow Texans, the dream of Texas independence seems closer than ever before.

Our own Daniel Miller had the pleasure of discussing the thriving success of the TEXIT petition in an interview with Real America’s Voice. During the conversation, Miller shed light upon the fascinating journey that brought us to this milestone, and what to expect as we move forward.

The TEXIT campaign seeks to reclaim the independent spirit that has always been a hallmark of our great state, and the petition has proven to be a formidable tool in expressing our collective voice. The focus and commitment of countless individuals have led to the petition’s promising success.

Miller, in his candid discussion, traced the path of this initiative – from its grassroots beginnings, the painstaking mobilization, and the tireless collaboration of dedicated volunteers, to its current standing. The journey hasn’t been easy, but what is noteworthy is how the potent blend of resilience, a unified vision, and dedication have enabled the campaign to overcome myriad hurdles.

While the milestone achieved through the petition is significant, it is just the start. The TEXIT movement is set to journey further down this path. As we celebrate our current triumphs, we must stay prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Regardless of the obstacles, our resolve remains sturdy. As we step into the future, our primary goal is to facilitate a fair and informed vote on Texas independence. Through relentless advocacy, education, and activism, we are certain that we will take our message of liberty, self-governance, and independence to every Texan home.

We are optimistic that the next chapter of the TEXIT movement will be no less inspiring. Together, we will write a brave, new history for Texas. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the future of the TEXIT campaign and the ongoing journey towards Texas independence.