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Will Texas be able to fund the government after TEXIT?

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Simple arithmetic proves the ability of an independent Texas to fund a government at the same level that Texans are currently accustomed to if that’s what Texans want.

Texans currently pay, in all, federal and state taxes an average of $336 billion per year. This represents the total amount of revenue readily available to an independent Texas without increasing the financial burden on Texans one single cent. From that amount, subtract the amount spent by both the federal government and state government in Texas. $228 billion is the average amount of expenditures required to maintain every program, every job (both civilian and military), every department, every facility (including military bases), and fulfill every function (including current federal contract spending to Texas companies) provided by the federal and state governments. This level of government revenue would rank Texas 12th in the world for government revenue collected.

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