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How will an independent Texas defend itself?

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Texas has always shown a belief in a strong national defense, with a focus on threats to the safety and security of Texans at home. An independent Texas has little in the way of conventional national security concerns. The threat of a combined land, air, and sea invasion is next to non-existent. But threats do still exist. There is the threat of the cartels and violence spilling over our border with Mexico as well as the threat of international terrorists using that same border to execute attacks on civilian targets within Texas. In addition, there are always threats that could upset international stability. While these are often met with the combined military might of the western world, an independent Texas would be ready and willing to do its part.

The bulk of Texas national defense will be concentrated on three key areas: strengthening the borders against national security risks, defense against attack from international state actors, and supporting military actions of allies that are congruent with our strategic objectives.

Using the NATO target average of 2 percent of GDP for military and defense spending would provide approximately $32.78 billion annually, making Texas 11th in the world in defense spending. Funding at this level would cover the costs of recruiting, training, equipping, and maintaining an active duty enlistment in excess of 125,000 troops. This would be in line with the number of Texans currently serving in the United States military in all branches. In addition, it would provide a level of funding to, over time, increase our inventory of military vehicles including naval vessels, fighters and support aircraft, and armored vehicles. Building on the current military infrastructure in the Texas Military Department (TMD), Texas will grow the components of the TMD into a world-class military force capable of addressing any threat to the safety and security of Texas posed by any who would do us harm.

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