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TEXIT Legislative Hero Kyle Biedermann Announces Candidacy for Texas House

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Kyle Biedermann, the legislator who made history by filing the Texas Independence Referendum Act, has announced that he is running to return to the Texas House. In a political landscape where elected officials often seem disconnected from their constituents, Biedermann’s planned return is a significant and welcome development that promises to advance TEXIT in the next legislative session.

A History of Advocacy

Kyle Biedermann has been a strong ally of the Texas Nationalist Movement, even joining the TNM Advisory Board. His commitment to the cause has been unwavering, and his legislative actions speak volumes. Biedermann was the force behind introducing the Texas Independence Referendum Act, a courageous step that resonated deeply with Texans who believe in self-determination. 

The TEXIT Bill: A Closer Look

The Texas Independence Referendum Act, commonly known as the TEXIT bill, was groundbreaking legislation. It called for a vote on the question, “Should Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” The bill was designed to be a well-thought-out process, not a rash decision. It laid a roadmap for what independence would look like, including forming a bipartisan legislative committee to investigate and plan for Texas independence. The TEXIT bill wasn’t about making a hasty exit; it was about giving Texans the right to decide their future in a responsible manner.

Broad Support and Challenges

The call for a TEXIT vote has found almost overwhelming support among Texas Republicans, with 66% of likely Texas voters in favor, including 76% of Republicans. Biedermann’s legislative effort, combined with the TNM’s work, also led to the inclusion of two planks calling for passage of the TIRA on the Republican Party of Texas platform. This broad base of support underscores the resonance of Biedermann’s legislative efforts with the people of Texas. However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The Texas House Redistricting Committee has targeted legislators who supported a TEXIT vote, illustrating the uphill battle that advocates for independence face within the legislative system.

The Significance of the Candidacy

Biedermann’s decision to run for office again is not merely a career move; it’s a profound statement. His campaign website outlines his commitment to being a citizen legislator, focusing on the needs of District 19. This is a man who steps up when he sees a need, and his return to the political arena couldn’t be more timely. Given the current political climate, his candidacy adds a layer of optimism and momentum to the ongoing efforts to achieve Texas independence.

A Personal Perspective

“Kyle Biedermann’s decision to run for the Texas House again is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the people of Texas and their right to self-determination,” said Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement. “His previous work, especially the filing of the Texas Independence Referendum Act, has already had a profound impact on our movement. His candidacy brings renewed focus and energy to our cause at a critical time.”

The “Texas First” Pledge: A Growing Movement

Kyle Biedermann joins a growing list of candidates putting Texas at the forefront of their political agenda by signing the TNM’s “Texas First” pledge. Available at TakeTexasBack.com, this pledge is a commitment to prioritize the interests of Texas and its people above all else. Biedermann’s alignment with this pledge is yet another indicator of his dedication to the principles central to the Texas independence movement. It also underscores the increasing momentum behind the “Texas First” philosophy, as more candidates recognize the importance of focusing on the unique needs and aspirations of Texans.

Looking Ahead: The Road to Independence

While the journey toward Texas independence is fraught with challenges, Biedermann’s candidacy adds a layer of optimism. His track record suggests that he will continue to be a strong advocate for the cause, and his presence in the Texas House could be the catalyst needed for meaningful legislative action. As we’ve seen, legislators who support TEXIT have faced challenges, but Biedermann’s return offers a renewed opportunity to overcome these obstacles and move the needle in favor of independence.

Community Engagement and the Path Forward

Biedermann’s previous tenure was marked by active community engagement, including town halls that were often standing-room-only events. This level of engagement is crucial for the independence movement, as it fosters a sense of community and shared purpose. His reentry into politics will likely invigorate grassroots efforts, adding momentum to the push for a free and independent Texas.

A Reason for Optimism

In a time when many are disillusioned with the political status quo, Kyle Biedermann’s decision to run for the Texas House is a positive development that adds renewed energy to the Texas independence movement. His proven track record and alignment with the cause make this not just news but a reason for optimism. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Biedermann’s candidacy stands as a beacon of hope for those who dream of a free and independent Texas.

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