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Your Questions About The Legislative Process & TEXIT

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There have been questions pouring into the TNM about the status of House Bill 1359. Here’s what you need to know.

Nearly all of the questions that are coming in are rooted in a lack of understanding of the legislative process in Texas. It’s not a simple process which is why we’ve already posted extensive information and training about that very thing. Below are the resources you need to help you understand what’s happening and how to stay up-to-date on the status of the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Comprehensive Video Training

As part of our Legislative Action Workshop, the TNM hosted Rachel Malone of Gun Owners of America to walk TNM’ers through the process of tracking a bill from filing to passage. The complete training is in the video below.

The Legislative Process Guide

For well over 4 years, the TNM has made the full Legislative Process guide from the Texas Legislative Council available for download in the Downloads section of our website. However, here is a direct link to download the PDF guide that will walk you through the process in meticulous detail.

How To Advocate For The TEXIT Bill

In addition, we have a guide that specifically addresses how to advocate for the Texas Independence Referendum Act. It is also available in the Downloads section of our site. Here is a direct download link: CLICK HERE

If All Else Fails…

The TNM will keep all supporters up-to-date on the progress of the legislation in our News section and via our regular emails. This will include the addition of co-authors, Senate sponsors, assignment to committee, hearing dates, and more. If there is no news on any of these actions, then it’s safe to assume that none of them have happened yet.

It’s important to understand the calendar for legislative actions. Specifically, Article 3 Section 5 of the Texas Constitution which reads:

Sec. 5. MEETINGS; ORDER OF BUSINESS. (a) The Legislature shall meet every two years at such time as may be provided by law and at other times when convened by the Governor. (b) When convened in regular Session, the first thirty days thereof shall be devoted to the introduction of bills and resolutions, acting upon emergency appropriations, passing upon the confirmation of the recess appointees of the Governor and such emergency matters as may be submitted by the Governor in special messages to the Legislature. During the succeeding thirty days of the regular session of the Legislature the various committees of each House shall hold hearings to consider all bills and resolutions and other matters then pending; and such emergency matters as may be submitted by the Governor. During the remainder of the session the Legislature shall act upon such bills and resolutions as may be then pending and upon such emergency matters as may be submitted by the Governor in special messages to the Legislature.

Texas Constitution, Article 3 Section 5

We’ve just now crossed over the first 30 days and now things should start moving quickly.

What About Your Rep and Senator?

Until your State Representative’s name is listed here as a co-author, then they haven’t given the level of support required.

Until your State Senator’s name is listed as a Sponsor, then they haven’t given the level of support required.

In the meantime…

You need to be contacting your Representative and Senator as often as possible. Yes, call them more than once. Yes, visit them at their district office. Yes, visit them at their capitol office.

Additionally, help us connect with more Texans. It will absolutely take numbers to get this done. Visit our Resources page for tools that can help you in your outreach.

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