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Border Crisis Calls for TEXIT



In a recent interview with Dr. Steve Turley, Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, provided valuable insights into the organization’s quest for Texas independence. Miller emphasized that the movement is not just about political separation but also about the restoration of a distinct Texan identity. He believes that Texas can manage its own political, cultural, and economic affairs more effectively than the federal government.

Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Miller pointed out that the road to independence is fraught with legal hurdles, public perception issues, and political resistance. Despite these challenges, he expressed confidence in the movement’s strategies, which include educating the public and working through the legislative process.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of these efforts. Miller outlined the organization’s focus on grassroots organizing, digital outreach, and public events to mobilize support. The aim is to create a strong network of advocates who can drive the movement forward. Digital platforms, from social media to email campaigns, play a critical role in reaching a wider audience and disseminating information quickly.

Miller also revealed that the organization has several events planned, including town hall meetings, workshops, and online webinars. These events are designed to educate the public, answer questions, and provide actionable steps for those interested in joining the movement.

The interview offered a comprehensive look into the Texas Nationalist Movement’s ongoing efforts and future plans. Through effective community engagement and a commitment to education, the movement is not only overcoming challenges but also gaining significant momentum. For those interested in learning more or getting involved, further information is available on the Texas Nationalist Movement’s website.

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