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We MUST Elect TEXIT Supporters!



Welcome back to the Texas News podcast where we dive into all things Texas politics and the future of Texas independence. Today’s show discusses our ongoing legal battle with the RPT and how the TNM works day and night to ensure that 139,000+ petition signers have their voices heard. We also tear apart a piece of propaganda from the San Antonio Current, discuss some exciting developments in our litigation, and discuss the importance of electing Texas First candidates. As you know, we have been battling the Republican Party of Texas since early January. After rejecting 139,000+ petition signatures in support of putting the TEXIT referendum on the 2024 Primary ballot, it’s safe to say the RPT is trying to circumvent the law and deny the people’s vote on TEXIT. So, in this episode, we lay some groundwork and context about our litigation, and then we talk about what this could all look like moving forward. It’s about time the political establishment stops treating the law like a cafeteria plan.

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