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Texas Nationalist Movement Delivers 139,000+ Signatures to Republican Party Headquarters for TEXIT Referendum

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Early Monday morning, Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller made his way to the headquarters of the Republican Party of Texas to deliver over 139,000 petition signatures in support of forcing a TEXIT referendum.

In June of this year, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) launched a campaign to force a TEXIT referendum on the 2024 Primary ballot. Using a provision in the Texas Election Code, if the TNM collected a minimum of 97,709 valid signatures on the petition, the question: “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” must, by law, be placed on the primary ballot in March of 2024. 

Last week, the Texas Nationalist Movement reached the necessary signature threshold in their petition to put a proposition on the Republican primary ballot in the spring of 2024. 

“We have submitted well over the needed signatures to be on the ballot this March,” stated TNM President Daniel Miller. “It’s time for the RPT to let Texans vote on this critical issue! Federal overreach and legislative blood baths have been plaguing Texas politics for far too long. Truth be told, the sheer number of signatures proves that people are hungry for states to exercise their constitutional rights, but nothing would have happened unless we acted first.” 

The number of signatures submitted by the TNM eclipses the 20,000 petition signatures submitted by current Governor Greg Abbott in 2021 when he filed for re-election.

Watch a video of the TNM delivering the petition signatures to the Republican Party of Texas headquarters.

This news follows a recent meeting by the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) which dismissed the TEXIT question for the list of ballot propositions that will be asked of primary voters in the March election. However, the petition guarantees its inclusion on the ballot regardless of the SREC decision. Miller exclaims, “These politicians refuse to acknowledge what it is that the people want, and by the numbers if TEXIT went to a vote tomorrow, it would win. That’s because the majority recognizes that the states must step up against the federal government. And it’s the majority who recognize that the relationship between Texas and the federal government is broken, and it’s about time we gave the people of Texas a chance for their voice to be heard.”


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