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Statement on Senator Birdwell’s Border Bill Betrayal

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The alterations to House Bill 4 (HB 4) by State Sen. Brian Birdwell starkly portray a grave betrayal to Texans who clamor for decisive border security measures. Initially perceived as a robust stance against illegal re-entry, Birdwell’s amendments have crucified Texas’ self-governance on the altar of federal deference.

These modifications relinquish Texas’ authority, handing border control to federal jurisdiction. By necessitating a conviction before removal can be ordered, Birdwell displays a dangerous trust in a system that has continuously failed to prioritize Texan security.

The shift from proactive to reactive is a blatant slap in the face of every Texan. This reactive stance awaits federal approval post-conviction, potentially delaying urgent actions to secure our borders.

The reactions to the reworked bill resonate with sentiments of betrayal and frustration. The downgraded penalties and reliance on federal border policies depict a legislature seemingly devoid of backbone in the face of federal scrutiny.

This is not the Texas we envision. The reworked HB 4 starkly deviates from the principles of autonomy and self-governance we hold dear. It embodies a disappointing deference to federal authority, overshadowing the initial intent of empowering Texas to act decisively on border issues.

As the Texas Nationalist Movement, we vehemently oppose such legislative alterations that threaten to erode our cherished sovereignty. The reworking of HB 4 underscores the dire necessity for robust, state-led initiatives to secure our borders.

In conclusion, Birdwell’s amendments to HB 4 are a disheartening setback in our relentless pursuit of a sovereign Texas. They issue a rallying cry for all proponents of Texas independence to amplify our engagement in legislative discussions. Our sentiments remain clear and unyielding; the only path to truly secure our border is through achieving self-governance as an independent nation. It is disheartening to witness Senator Birdwell seemingly pick a side on TEXIT – regrettably, the wrong side. Our unwavering commitment to championing legislation that unequivocally upholds Texas’ authority and the safety of its citizens remains steadfast as we continue advocating for Texas’ sovereignty and independence.


  1. What happened to Brian Birdwell ?? You would think after being in the pentagon on the 9/11 event and having suffered from some of the fires and the damage to him, that HE would of all people UNDERSTAND the Threats to our Great State !! Well at Least some do, James White Thank You !! Don Hufffines Thank You !! Jaeson Jones Thank You !! Especially Doc Pete Chambers, & Ann Vandersteel,( operation burning edge ) Ben Berquamm, Todd Bensmann – Center for Immigration Studies, – ( CIS )and Bless You also Ocar el Blue — or Border and Law program showing the these issues!!
    Forgot also Michael Yon !! Heaven Help Us All if this continues , we will have NO STATE. and we will HAVE NO COUNTRY !!! Wake Up People !! The. future of your children and any grandchildren are at stake. Otherwise be thankful for another day to live. CSS

  2. Gov. Abbott is nothing but a RINO as he could have started enforcing border control 3 years ago when the fake sleepy creepy criminal communist Biden occupied the White House and opened the borders – both south and north – there are plenty coming across the Canadian border as well. Texas doesn’t need any more traitors. The tide of illegals coming over the Darian Gap through Central America will soon be so big (10,000 or more a day) that the entire continetal US will be overwhelmed and then it will be too late to stop the coming chaos and tragedy. The US will cease to exist.

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