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The United States Looking Into CBDC



As a vibrant hub for matters regarding the future of Texas, we continue to stand at the frontier of revealing insightful content to you, our readers. One such relevant piece of information is a recent and eye-opening YouTube video we have discovered and shared on our web.

Akin to a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece that fits, the overall picture becomes clearer. This video uncovers an unsettling reality: the same programs that have been commonly associated with communist China are not just being executed overseas. No, it is much closer to home than we might’ve thought. Those programs? They have been clandestinely piloted right here by the federal government.

In this equally informative and chilling video, we uncover the initiatives once thought to be ‘foreign problems’ that are now under our noses, in our homeland. We pull back the curtain on the truth that the very programs we fear and accuse China of housing are sprouting roots on our soil. This insight should serve not to frighten, but rather to wake us up to the realities happening in our world today.

The video goes in-depth, providing facts and figures that paint a detailed image of the situation, shedding light on a topic both controversial and somewhat hidden. With each passing minute, the narrative unrolls providing the viewer with a new lens to view and understand the unfolding events.

As the Texas Nationalist Movement, our purpose is to ensure that you are informed and aware. Unraveling such truths underpins our pledge to protect and uphold the integrity of our great state. This video serves to fulfill that mission — to educate, to provoke thought, and perhaps spur action.

As you view this video, we invite you to ponder the implications it has for our future in Texas. Reflect on the kind of society we want to build and explore the steps we need to take to ensure Texas remains a beacon of freedom and prosperity.

In closing, let this be a reminder that knowledge is power and understanding the world around us is the first step to making positive change. Our responsibility, as the people of Texas, is to be the stewards of our own destiny. And that begins with staying informed and remaining vigilant. Knowing is not just half of the battle, but the very essence of it; knowledge is, after all, the first line of defense. We hope that this video and its chilling revelations stoke a flame of determination within you to safeguard our beloved Texas.

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