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The federal government’s scope is far, far beyond what the founders envisioned for this country.



In the latest TNM video release, we bring to you a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the distinctive principles that shape the great State of Texas and its relationship with the USA and the broader governmental structure.

The video, embedded for your viewing convenience, provides valuable insights into Texas and its proud tradition of self-government and autonomy. This brief visual guide elucidates why Texas is not just a state, but a state of mind embedded deeply in the hearts of its people.

Using the popular ‘ytshorts’ format, the video provides a snapshot of the robust and enduring Texan spirit. It delves into the historical and contemporary significance of Texas within the broader context of the USA. It is a quick yet meaningful exploration of the complex dynamic between state governance and federal oversight, particularly emphasizing the unwavering commitment of Texans to uphold their sovereignty.

While addressing the core values of Texas, we also discuss the adjustments we need to make and the challenges we need to overcome on our path towards unparalleled self-determination.

This is an ideal starting place for anyone interested in the Texas Nationalist Movement and our commitment to Texas independence. We encourage every Texan to watch, share, and engage with the video, as it encapsulates the spirit of our struggle and the essence of our cause.

Remember, Texas is more than a location; it’s a legacy of liberty and self-governance. Watch the video now to better understand the fortitude and grit that define us as Texans and keep us constantly working for our rightful place on the world stage.